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Technical support for Squarespace

Browser support - Squarespace Help The Squarespace software provides support for most desktops webbrowsers for viewing and modifying a website, and Chromes and Safari webmasters for displaying websites on portable computers. Our support is focused on the latest releases of the most popular webbrowsers. Use the following webbrowsers to edit and display your Squarespace page: It is recommended that you use the latest available web browsing software for your computer.

Use our Browse Freely utility to verify that your web browsing experience is up to date. There are a few other things to keep in mind if you are using a fully featured browser: Betas releases of web browser are not support. The Safari Private Browsing is not sponsored for signing in to your website. The use of add-ons or enhancements for web-browsers may affect the operation of the website.

Please note: Using an non-supported web navigator may deny access to HTTPS safe version of Squarespace pages. Web pages can be displayed differently depending on the type of Internet Explorer. When you see differences in the appearance of your website in different webbrowsers ( e.g. how a Firefox vs. Internet Explorer blocks looks like), this is quite common. There is no assurance that every facet of your website will be displayed in the same way in every single web browsing application, as every web browsing application is equipped with different technologies.

You must have JavaScript turned on to display Squarespace pages. In order to login to your website and modify it, make sure these preferences are activated in your browser: Cookie - You must have activated your cookie in your webrowser. If you block a cookie, this may restrict your options for processing your website. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.

Java Script - Must be activated to be able to access your website's processing features. JavaScript blocks can affect the browsing capabilities necessary to administer and maintain your Squarespace site. Support two different resolution browsers for your website: This resolution gives you full control over all the icons and panel you need for your work.

To determine the sizing of your web brower, see What is my web brower sizing? The Squarespace pages are optimised for display in the Chrome and Safari portable web browers. Support restricted page manipulation on portable gadgets outside our portable applications. See Can I work with my website on a portable phone?

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