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Set up a test page to run alongside my actual page that runs elsewhere? A new website is being developed in Squarespace and we would like to test this website in conjunction with the existing website currently host by another vendor. Is it possible to configure our DNA so that not www.ourdomain.com but e.

g. test-www.ourdomain.com points to the Squarespace page? By creating a Squarespace website, you get a Squarespace user name and a distinct domain/URL that you can use for live tests.

Normally I create the website and test it here, and when we are willing to put it online, we configure the website correctly in our web site registration, which causes the website to go online on the web site.

Executing a Test Order - Square Room Help

You can see what the cash register looks like for your clients by issuing a test order. They can also verify that your shop set-up is working as intended, complete with shipment, tax, customs formalities and email notifications. For test jobs there are two possibilities: You can use the test modus to imitate a debit with a counterfeit debit code - this deactivates your shop efficiently and avoids that you accept genuine payment.

Applicable to credit/debit cards only. Please note: You may be billed a non-refundable processing charge if you place a genuine order and then refund it, based on your schedule. In test modus there are no transfer charges. In order to place a trial order, you must have at least one item in your shop. You should already have a merchant associated with your shop.

When your shop is not active, all orders will be test orders. When you are in a test version, you can only combine stripe and run requests in test session. Test-orders consume the inventory for the bought articles. At this point, however, we do not take any refund into account, so that the placement of a genuine order and the refund itself will be deducted from the total amount of your order in our shop.

There are no surcharges for trial orders, but please consider the following points before you place a genuine order and self refund: Test your credentials - You will be refunded for the whole order, plus all transactions charges. Try PayPal - You will get a full refund for the order item and Squarespace payment.

You will get a PayPal rebate. The PayPal retains the firm payment amount (e.g. $0.30 for US accounts). Test Strips - You will be refunded the order item and Squarespace payment for your order. Stripe will reimburse the payment amount if you opened your Stripe bank transfer before 14 September 2017.

We do not reimburse bank charges for bank deposits opened after 14 September. You should always make a genuine fee before you begin to sell to make sure your shop is properly located. Available for PayPal and Visa payments. Please note: When you test a PayPal payment you are paying with a PayPal bankroll.

You cannot use your PayPal Business affiliate bank transfer to make payments. Just put any article in your shopping basket and go to check out like a client would. Please fill in your address and delivery information at the cash register. In the Payment section, choose either PayPal or your PayPal payment method, according to your preferences. Fill in your genuine credentials or sign in to a PayPal personally identifiable bankroll to make payments.

As soon as you have finished checking the trial order, perform these procedures to reverse it and self refund: In the order history, click Cancell Order to make a full refund. Click Cancell Order. Please note: Your shop cannot process genuine payment in test modus. It is recommended that you use this method in intermediate scenarios, e.g. when you execute many test tasks.

Only available for payment by bank transfer. Choose Testodus. Just put any article in your shopping basket and go to check out like a client would. You will see a Shop Not Live sign at the cash desk. A test debit number is entered in the Payment area of the screen. Please note: If you choose PayPal and click Next with PayPal, you will see a warning that you cannot place PayPal orders in trial state.

When you have just placed an order, it should appear at the top of the field with the name Product and Test Order. If you want to remove it, review it and click Remove test request. It is recommended to deactivate the test modus shortly after the test so that your clients can pay with genuine credits and you can receive genuine payment.

If your shop is in trial status, shoppers can still close the cashier, but they bypass the entry of their billing information and use the counterfeit plastic instead. Deactivates the test mode: Select Testodus. In order to test the purchasing and use of a voucher, activate the test modus with the step in step 2.

Buy a voucher and go to check out like a client. See How Clients Use Present Certificates for more information. Once you have bought the voucher, you can use the voucher key to buy any product in your shop. Once you have completed, deactivate the test modus. Please note: You cannot use vouchers bought in trial order in a online shop.

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