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Launching a Squarespace trial version - Squarespace Help When my trial ends, what happens? There is a 14-day free trial so you can try Squarespace and get to know our functionality before you register. For the registration to a test version we do not need any information about your payment number. Tip: If you have used Squarespace before, you can launch a new trial version from an already installed website.

In this way, you can manage several websites under one and the same bankroll. For more information, see Manage more than one location. If you are not willing to create a website but want to enroll a domain, begin with a squarespace site and a car park site. As soon as you begin with the trial version, your website will be up and running.

You' ll have full control over almost every feature, even most premier ones, so you can experience how the Squarespace works and get the look you want. Below are some things you should keep in mind about trials: Any number of tests can be created. If you are willing to switch to a chargeable site, you will be upgrading and paying for each site individually.

During your trial version, your website is hiding behind a capcha. Once you have registered for a chargeable subscription your website will be accessible to your visitors. For more information, see Upgrading to a Chargeable Services. When your trial period ends, you will not have full Web site privileges until you are upgraded to a pay per use subscription product. In order to unsubscribe or delete a trial page from your site before it expires, please complete the instructions in Canceling a Squarespace trial.

Searchengines don't index test pages. Once you have registered for a chargeable subscription your website will be accessible to your visitors. Only after upgrading to a chargeable subscription can your trial be validated by Google Keyboard or Bing Webmaster Tools. When your website is in the trial phase, you can' t submit or subscribe to a podcast via iTunes.

Test pages cannot receive payment via Squarespace Commerce. Test pages cannot link to a PayPal business area. Trial versions cannot licence Getty Images. Trial versions cannot use extended commerce functions such as Abandoned Checkout Recovery. When your test page has more than two participants, you cannot update the website's individual schedule.

The Squarespace Circle members have six months of testing time. For more information, please refer to the Squarespace Circle FAQ. When my trial ends, what happens? An e-mail will be sent to you the last working days before the end of your trial period, giving you the opportunity to consider your next move. When you are willing to use the full versions of your website, switch to a chargeable one.

Throughout the trial period, you can always perform an update. When your test page uses premier functions, select the business page of the site or higher to use it further. When you need more free trial period, we can renew your trial for seven additional day. Or you can run your test page. If your trial version is expiring, the site will not be open to the general public and all contents will be flagged for final removal.

You may be able to switch to a chargeable site and modify the site as you last leave it, based on how much elapsed after the deadline. If you already have a Squarespace site located on a car park page, you can launch a new test page associated with your site by selecting Build A Site from the top level menus.

Already have a Squarespaceccount - Sign in with the same e-mail addresses and passwords you use to sign in to other websites.

As a result, your new test page is added to a drop-down list that allows you to move between locations. When you are already signed in to Squarespace, you will not be prompted to register and your new website will be created instantly. Once you have created an user profile and selected a style sheet, you will be signed in to Squarespace and your new website.

We will send you an e-mail confirming your new trial version. This is Squarespace. Welcome to Squarespace. Below are some next few easy steps to get started creating and personalizing your website: Once you have clicked Create, you will be signed in to Squarespace. Please note: By registering for a free trial version you declare that you accept our General Conditions.

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