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Browsers debugging - Squarespace Help When you have problems displaying or modifying your website, the problems may be related to your web browsing. If you ask us for help, we may ask you to fix some bugs to help us determine the cause of the error. If you have already taken these actions, it is useful before you start contacting us:

Verify that you are using a browser that is compatible with your system. Make sure your web browsers are up to date. You can open or login to your website with another webbrowser. Unless you have the same problems, the problems are probably limited to the first one. This also disables enhancements and add-ons that disturb squarespace.

Once surfing privately resolves the issue, please proceed to the next step. Please make sure that your browsers are set to accept Javascript and Cookie. Turn off browsers enhancements that may affect your site. Refer to other troubleshooting instructions for help with frequent problems. Set the zooming setting of your web browsers back to make sure you are not zooming in or out.

Unless you have the same problems, the problems may be related to the first equipment or to the first link. When you have tried all the above mentioned procedures and still have problems, please feel free to get in touch. Please let us know which step you have tried out so that we can still correct errors. Please send us a screenshots of the problems so that we can see what you see.

MailChimp Troubleshooting - Squarespace Help

Please obey these instructions to prevent and fix frequent problems with our MailChimp interface.... If you need help with your MailChimp accounts, please refer to the help section or call the MailChimp customer service department. Alternatively to MailChimp, you can use our e-mail campaigns function to deliver e-mails directly from your website. To test your MailChimp connections, use an e-mail that is not already on your subscription listing.

MailChimp can be used during a test version. MailChimp's dual opt-in procedure can lead to a discrepancy between the number of individuals who have signed up and the number of individuals who have subscribed to your MailChimp mailing lists. For information on how to deactivate it and how to automate subscriber addition to your mailing lists, please see Using MailChimp with Squarespace.

In order to use MailChimp as a save method, we suggest a connection to a new, empty MailChimp queue. When you have problems with an already created MailChimp queue, use these simple procedures to link a new empty one: The MailChimp queue will be created: Access your MailChimp area. Generate a new MailChimp queue after the MailChimp step. Open the shape editors on your Squarespace page.

Open the page editors, for example, and double-click the forms or newsletter block to open the Edit forms dialog. From the MailChimp options, choose the new MailChimp from the dropdown box. The use of a new checklist for each and every template on your site is the best way to prevent problems with the link.

In case you need to link to an already existing mailing lists, the field forms or newsletter blocks must be fully the same as the field lists. Deviations between the field types, names, or field layout lead to mistakes. So if you think there might be a difference between your MailChimp and your MailChimp lists, just undo the MailChimp link, review the pad to make sure all boxes are the same, and then plug MailChimp back in as a save feature.

When you connect more than one template to the same mailing lists, the block must be completely the same. MailChimp may not display transmissions of your message if your MailChimp email address contains marked boxes. In order to fix this, deactivate the necessary MailChimp settings. Go to the Lists page in your MailChimp user interface and choose the lists associated with the mailbox.

Choose dropdown boxes and *|MERGE|*ags. Now you can add mandatory entry items with the optional in the group. Please note: MailChimp always needs an e-mail. There are no problems with the connections. According to the MailChimp guideline, MailChimp allows 30 boxes in your mailing list. When the pad has more than 30 forms panels, modify the pad to delete some panels.

MailChimp is a software application that allows you to create and edit a MailChimp application for your account: Please note: If you separate Squarespace from MailChimp, all Squarespace shapes associated with this MailChimp accounts will be separated. Re-connect all stationery pads and newsletters after you have cleared the link.

To open the Edit Template dialog box, double-click the stationery pad or newsletter block in the Page Editor. To separate the MailChimp forms, click on the corresponding icon. Login to your MailChimp in a new tabs or windows. Browse down to Authorized Applications and click the letter next to Squarespace. Go back to your website, reopen the preferences of the template and try to reconnect to MailChimp.

You will be prompted to establish a new session. Once you have reconnected the pad, submit a test deposit to verify that you are receiving the new deposit. This e-mail will be sent to you if a transmission to your contact information has not been sent to your save mode. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

To open the Edit Form dialog box, double-click the form or newsletter pad in the Page Builder. On the MailChimp tab, click MailChimp. When you are asked, try reconnecting your MailChimp inbox. Choose your MailChimp listen from the dropdown box. When the problems persist, follow these instructions again to link the notepad to a new, empty one. Failure to do so will result in resetting the MailChimp link.

The Mailchimp application provides a way for you to find out more in your helpdesk.

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