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Viewing a search in the Twitter block is a good way to:. Newest tweets from Squarespace (@squarespace). Use of the Twitter block - quadrature aid Twitter shows a feed with current Twitter and a follow badge that takes you to your Twitter-file. It is a good way to embed a tweet on your website without using third-party widgets. The Twitter pad allows you: Show your weets.

View a feed with other users' hash tag feeds, references, or other notions.

Show or conceal a Follow key that will lead to your Twitter subscription. Show between one and twenty feed tags. Adjust the information in the profiles to appear next to the tiles. To view a tweet, a linked bank accounts is needed. Answers are only displayed if they are contained in a query. Proprietary a tweet is not displayed.

In order to make sure that your tiles are displayed, remove the protection from your tiles. One feed at a time is shown in the list. In order to view more than one feed and search (e.g. two account tiles or hashtags), insert more than one Twitter group. Twitter bloc synchronizes with new Twitter every few moments and scans every five moments. Woven items, such as pictures and videos, are displayed as a click.

Choose Twitter from the dropdown list. From the Twitter Block Editor, click the drop-down list to choose a linked Twitter email address, or choose Add a account to connect a new account. Sign in with your Twitter user name and passphrase and authorise Squarespace to use your Twitterccount. You can find more help under Using Twitter with Square Space.

From the Twitter Pad editors, use the slide bar to choose the number of Twitter pages to be displayed in the pad (1 to 20). Activate Show Avatar and Show Username to show this information next to each preset. Activate the Show Follow badge to include a Follow @YourName badge that will lead to your Twitter account name.

Rather than view your own tiles, you can view a feed of other people's tiles by hash tag, mention, or any other notion. Tweet results from the last seven day tweet are shown in our quest feedback feed. Up to 20 Twitter pads per page can be searched. Viewing a Twitter block query is a good way to order:

View a hash tag tweet from a promotional brand. View a tweet on a subject in your contents. Show a feed to search: Review the results and then type in a keyword. To view the results, click the update button. Extended tip: Twitter's policies for using sweep operations in sweeps can be found in Twitter's API doc.

Once you have enabled a sweep, you can show or hide a tweet that Twitter or another Twitter member has declared vulnerable. Enable or disable include tiles marked as delicate according to your preference. It is recommended that you review Twitter's policy for submitting critical information and review the settings for your profiled assets. Here is an example of what a Twitter block can look like on a website:

Used to update the link between Squarespace and Twitter manually: Please click on your Twitter-protocol. Twitter block does not have its own optimization in the styles editor.

Instead, they adopt the same styling as the text of your website's bodies and links. Normal text and the @ icon - These icons match your text styling. Search for optimizations known as text, page text, or continuous text. Links, handles and the# icon - These correspond to the text that is associated.

Search for optimizations named Link, Figure Link or Page Link. Hint: In the Skye series ( Foundry, Indigo, Ready, Skye, Tudor) all texts in the text files followed the bodies.

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