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Value added tax and square room accounting - Square room help Will I be exempted from value added tax? Prices vary between 15% and 25% according to the countries. When you are exempted, you can input your sales tax identification number (also known as sales tax ID) to validate your exempted state. If you need assistance charging value added tax with Squarespace Commerce, please go to our Collection of Value Added Tax or GST page. When you reside in an appropriate jurisdiction and do not check that you are exempted from value added tax, all periodic payment made to Squarespace will be liable to extra value added tax at the normal local tax of your jurisdiction.

There is no value added taxes included in the price list on our website, but you will see your overall cost and a break-down of taxes before cash and on your bills. Will I be exempted from value added taxes? When you are a company in the EU and perform these procedures to input a current sales revenue identification number, you should be exempted from sales revenue taxes.

Please note: If you are a Squarespace client located in Ireland, you are doing business with Squarespace Ireland Ltd. and we have to deduct the value added tax from your payments - even if you have a current value added tax ID. In addition, you can include a company name and sales tax ID to show on your bill. Name of your company and your sales tax identification number.

In the event that our system does not recognise your sales tax identification number after the following stages, please verify that it is correct on the European Commission website. When you operate a website for a company and are exempted from value added tax, we suggest that you follow these instructions. You already have for Squarespace pages: Make sure a qualified EU member state is chosen from the Land drop-down list.

They should see the Value Added Tax field below your billing information. Please fill in your company name and your sales tax identification number. Update the page to view your current tax exempt state. When operating several Squarespace offices in the following jurisdictions, please follow these instructions separately for each location. New Squarespace pages:

In order to verify that your sales and purchases identification number is correct and correct, use the European Commission's validating tools. We will charge value added taxes in relation to your payment if you are resident in any of the countries below and are not otherwise exempted from value added taxes (e.g. if you are resident in a tax-free zone).

Click on the appropriate links for directions on obtaining a sales/purchase identification number in that state. In case you are a recognised multinational organisation with a tax/VAT exempt declaration instead of a sales revenue identification number provided by an EU Member State, we can dispense with charging value added taxes if you provide us with your documents: Once we have verified your certification, we will confirm your Squarespace statement exempt Status.

I am resident in Ireland and have a current sales tax ID. Where you are resident in Ireland - which means that you are resident or have your main place of operation in Ireland - Squarespace will continue to charge value added tax on your payment. Any Squarespace customer living outside the United States will do Business with Squarespace Ireland Ltd.

When you are not living in an EU member state, open the Company Information field and verify that your company is correctly registered. You can ignore this e-mail if your company e-mail addresses are accurate and you are not in one of the countries mentioned above.

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