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Client Accounts - Square Help Accounts can help boost recurring revenue and help you establish a stronger connection with your clients. Setting up an affiliate allows shoppers to store secure payments, delivery details, cart and order information, resulting in a quicker order process. Describes how to activate and administer accounts. In order to see the client experiences, please see How clients use client accounts.

Customer accounts can be activated if: Accounts are not available on test pages. See Squarespace and SSL for help. You can use both built-in.squarespace.com url and user-defined domain names. Please be aware that customer accounts work best with the template below before you start. This template will generate a Log In / My Account shortcut in your browser window by default.

And if your submission is not in this listing, you can still click this button to do so. Please note: The Brine line provides extra stylistic and positioning optimizations for the Accounts Links. Activating client accounts allows clients to set up accounts and adding an account reference to your browsing menus. You can find more information under How Clients Use Accounts.

On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Client Accounts. Every client with an existing client shows a point in the Accounts area. Select a client to see its bank information. Clients can save more than one address and define a standard. Any stored method of payments and invoice address.

Clients can save more than one method of payments and define a standard. Remark: Only the last four numbers of the stored method of payments are displayed. Clients get a welcome e-mail when they open an affiliate bankroll. This e-mail and the e-mails to restore the login code can be customized to fit your business trademark. For more information, see Customer Accounts E-Mails.

Supporting our site submissions will generate an automatic Log In / My Account shortcut in your browser window. But if you are using a different style sheet or want to include this hyperlink elsewhere on your site, you can do so by following these manual steps: Insert a navigational, text, or picture shortcut. Store the hyperlink.

Clicking the icon above will take you to the homepage and show the Sign In area. In contrast to the integrated links, a manual linked page does not alter its name after a user has logged in. The way clients keep payments on their accounts will depend on the merchant who processed them. Clients can set up an affiliate bank using a secure method of deposit when paying for their affiliate accounts or via a login hyperlink in your browser menus.

When your business is associated with stripes and is not in trial status, clients can safely keep track of payments from your corporate accounts. Customer credentials are recorded in stripes. By disconnecting or changing your striped accounts, clients will not be able to add new maps or use maps associated with their accounts.

Once you restore the same Stripe accounts, clients can still use their stored payments method. Because Apple is designed for a fast method of payments, Apple users cannot log into their accounts during an Apple Cash Desk. You cannot have PayPal accounts stored in a customerccount. When your shop is only linked to PayPal and not to Stripe, the payments area is not displayed in the Customer Accounts window.

It is your own personal responsability to the customer. The way you administer your customers' accounts depends on you, but there are best practices that you can adhere to to make sure your customer experiences run smoothly, such as viewing your customer contacts and shop policy. Although Squarespace Customer Service cannot directly help your clients, we have some information that you can prepare to include at the beginning of your website.

Or you can refresh your shop policy to add information about customer accounts. I can' t modify your username for you, but after you click on the Log In button, you can click on Forgot your Username? to receive an e-mail with a username and username recovery. It will expire after 24hrs. Currently it is not possible to modify the e-mail associated with your profile.

Now you can set up a new user with your e-mail-adress. We do not. Only our clients can process their stored delivery details and billing information. What do clients do to modify their e-mail details or passwords? Clients who need to upgrade their e-mail adress should register a new one. Clients can use the Forgot your Passwords? icon in the Login screen to reset their passwords.

You cannot modify a customer's e-mail and/or passwords on their own behalf. Is it possible for a PayPal client to store a PayPal balance as a means of paying? We do not. Clients can only store information about themselves, such as credentials and invoices. Is it possible to customise the "Login / My Account" shortcut? Brine Templates provides extra styles for the Sign In/My Accounts links.

You cannot change the text of the Log In / My Account links. Is it possible for a customer to cash out without an escrow key? Yes, registration with an online cashier bank at the cash desk is an option. Clients without an affiliate can unsubscribe as a visitor. May I ask clients to open an affiliate bank to go to the cashier?

It is not possible to require the creation of an accounting area. Are orders placed during the unsubscribe process displayed on a customer's bankroll? In case the client enter the same e-mail adress at the cash desk, this order will be displayed in his client area. If, however, a client sees their own bank details, orders placed during the cancellation process will not be considered.

Are orders that were placed before the client opened an affiliate will appear in his affiliate bankroll? Any orders placed with the same e-mail will appear in your client section in your client area. If, however, a client sees their own bank details, orders placed before the creation of their bank details will not be considered. Can' see my signature in my likeness.

When you use a Brine familiy style sheet, the Sign In / My Account button may be blank. Activate client accounts. Please click on the item Client Accounts.

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