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At no time do you need to create a mobile version of your website. Where do I know which version of Squarespace I'm using? how do I know which version of Squarespace I am using? If your edit control looks like this on the left side of your web page while you' re working on your site, you are in square 7: If the edit control looks like this at the top of your browser:

Once you have set up the bank in the last few years, you have been on Squarespace 7 (Squarespace 7FAQ for more information). Ever since I recently got involved, I estimate that I'm on'7', and I've only been wasting 30 min watching video on how to get up.

When I first registered, I did not see these video clips.

Square Distance 5 vs. Square Distance 7 - Square Distance Help

Do I use Squarespace 5 or Squarespace 7? Shall I go to Squarespace 7? The Squarespace 5 was implemented in 2008. Squarespace 6 was born in 2012, a completely new website management system aimed at making your website more streamlined and easier to use. By 2014, all Squarespace 6 locations had been updated to Squarespace 7, the latest version of our platforms.

Square Space 7 and SquareSpace 5 are distinct plattforms, which means that many of their characteristics do not intersect. Squarespace 7 provides for example mobiles designs, videos background, advanced search engine optimisation and e-commerce. This feature is not available on Squarespace 5. But there are some Squarespace 5 stuff that don't have a straight match in Squarespace 7, like the page discussion.

Notice: It is no longer possible to build new Squarespace 5 websites. The Squarespace 5 user can switch to Squarespace 7 at any given moment. Do I use Squarespace 5 or Squarespace 7? Use Squarespace 5 if you can login to your website with your Squarespace name. Squarespace 7 requires you to register with your e-mail adress.

As soon as you are signed in, the Squarespace 5 platforms has edit mode in the upper right corner: The Squarespace 7 uses a side pane for editing: Shall I go to Squarespace 7? Square space 7 is our newest plattform. Advanced, visual appealing layouts and a streamlined user experience. The Squarespace 5 user can change to Squarespace 7 at any given moment.

These are some of the main arguments why we suggest changing: In Squarespace 7, you use on-page annotation and the page window to organize your collections. All Squarespace 7 websites have an attractive look that optimises your website for all types of device and size of browsers.

That' s all the more important as Google is now giving higher precedence to optimised websites that are on the move. Squarespace 7 has an embedded basket function that allows you to directly address your clients. Squarespace Commerce allows you to keep tabs on your stock, determine your taxes, allocate your shipment costs and much more. Advanced layout - Squarespace 7 enables side-by-side pictures, picture rasters, multi-column contents, baner pictures and video with text and more.

The Squarespace 7 blocs give you more freedom in displaying your contents. In Squarespace 5, for example, you can only append a Twitter widget to the side bar, while in Squarespace 7 you can append a Twitter block anywhere on a page, such as in the body of the page or in the bottom bar.

Squarespace 7 enhances the linking of user account information and the creation of community based community based community based community based community based community based community. ItĀ also provides a "push" feature for many popular websites and uses specific codes to help popular websites find the right pictures and contents when you link from your website. Browse across locations - If you have more than one location, go to the home menu in Squarespace 7, browse down and click your image or your initially selected locations to move from one location to another.

Bloggen - Squarespace 7 enhances the way blogs are viewed and organised by grouping post by post type and provides many polished new blogsheets. Cleaner, more advanced template - Squarespace 7's customisable template can give a new face to old or obsolete websites. When the following choices are crucial to your site, please see the following notes to determine if it is the right moment for you to make the change.

Squarespace - In Squarespace 5 locations, side bars are more important than Squarespace 7. While Squarespace 5 limits certain contents to the side bar, Squarespace 7 allows you to insert these contents directly into the page. Some Squarespace 7 template files provide site-wide or page-related side bars. In Squarespace 7, however, you cannot specify that portions of a site-wide Sidebar will only be displayed on certain pages.

User-defined target groups and member account - Squarespace 5 provides several ways to define who can view and manipulate your website's contents as Squarespace 7. Squarespace 7 allows you to define site-wide or site-specific password to limit the audience, or invites collaborators to help your site maintain and administer. Squarespace 7 does not, however, provide a function that directly corresponds to the member account or target group of Squarespace 5.

In order to check the permission settings in Squarespace 7, see the explanations of the Squarespace privilege settings. Folder - In Squarespace 7, upload your data directly to the site instead of in a single place. For more information about how to download from Squarespace 7, see How to add a link to your website. Squarespace 7 does not currently provide a discussion page similar to the discussion page.

For information on how Squarespace 7 blogs commentaries work, please see the comment settings. Or you can extend your Squarespace 7 page with extended comment functionality through our Disqus integrated solution. Customized Pages - Although Squarespace 7 template files are adaptable, they often offer certain location-wide style guides that help your website ensure branding consistency.

When your Squarespace 5 site contains many page-wise style and styled override, you may not be able to restore the same effect in Squarespace 7. CSI - Squarespace 7 provides both page- and site-wide CSI support, but inject points work differently than Squarespace 5. Or if your site is highly dependent on the use of source injections, please see the Squarespace 7 Using source inject.

When you never refresh your website - We have done our best to rationalize the migration of your contents, but switching from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7 involves remodeling your website with a Squarespace 7 artwork, adding your contents, and possibly recreating contents that cannot be imported through the migration for you.

When you are happy with the look of your website and don't intend to make any changes, it might make business sense to keep it on the Squarespace 5 for now. Take a look at this footage for a guided walk through the Squarespace 7 platform: There is a free 14-day evaluation version so you can try Squarespace 7 before you move your site.

Please note: You must register a new user when you launch your Squarespace 7 evaluation version, so be sure to register a new one. Their Squarespace 5 logon information does not work with Squarespace 7. If you are willing to move to Squarespace 7, please see the page moving from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7 for details.

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