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Use of pictures and video - Square room help Create and upload pictures and video to your website using pads, gallery pages, flags, wallpapers and logo. When you don't have your own pictures, our relationship with Getty images allows you to licence high-quality photographs. View the All About Image Video Series for a tutorial on using pictures in squares. Easily include pictures to open text, showcase your assets, and make your website an immersive one.

Use our reformatting policies to make sure your pictures look good on any machine. Apply an picture to a page or position it with the picture block. Integrate gallery into contents areas by using Gallery Blocks in four different display styles: Galery pages provide fat style for displaying pictures. The Gallery Blocks vs. Gallery Pages tutorial describes the benefits of each function.

Banner and wallpaper may differ depending on the artwork. Getty Image licencing is a great way to bring picture contents to your website without having to rely on a pro photojournalist. Easily append video to show your favorite movie and more. YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto and Wistia video embeds are supported. You can use the video block to attach video to regular pages, blogs, and other areas of your work.

They can also view video in Gallery Blocks, Gallery Pages and Summary Blocks. Some cover sheet layout support a separate video, while most layout support adding a wallpaper video to build a target page dynamically. Pictures can be pieces from collections such as blogs or product postings, or they can be part of the overall image and aesthetics of your website.

Mini thumbnails depict elements of a compilation or pages within an index page. The upload of more than one image will help you to see the different looks and angle of an article. Specific artwork provides the image zooming feature so clients can view it more closely. Pictures can be used as a banner and background on certain artwork to give your website a powerful look and feel.

Beyond the essentials by designing your pictures and interactively building them. Transform pictures into hyperlinks with click-through URIs. Specify that pictures will open in the light box to differentiate them from your other contents. You can use hidden motion to show more information when a visitor hovers the mouse over an icon. Easily include Alt-Text in your pictures to make them searchable and your site more visible to your users with Screenreaders.

Resize, focus, and manipulate your pictures with the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor for a great look. Further picture and video instructions can be found in the menu on the right. If you choose how you want to include pictures on your website, use these guidelines: They can be used to attach a block to normal pages and other block areas that can be edited, such as footer lines.

Galleries pages are specially formatted pages on your website for presenting pictures and video. You can use block boxes to attach contents to an area that can be edited, such as a regular page. You can use picture and video pads to attach single pictures or video, while gallery pads are useful for attaching a series of pictures or video:

Create a regular page by choosing from predefined block layouts: You can use an overview block to load the latest mini thumbnails from other pages on your site, such as a blog page: Here is an Instagram block that fetches the latest pictures from an Instagram feed: Every templates group has a specific gallery page that is intended to present pictures and video clips.

How you create your gallery page will depend on your artwork. Here is a gallery page in the Tremont template: Here is a gallery page in the Ishimoto template: Here is a gallery page in the Avenue template: Substitute your page header with a logotype and include your website's associated symbols.

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