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Galery blocks survey - Square space help Picture Gallery Blocs adds gallery of pictures and video to pages and blogs. Download pictures, attach Getty pictures, embedded video, or view contents from an available gallery page. We have four gallery blocs whose designs and behaviors are the same across all masters. Because of this consistence the Gallery block is a good alternative to the Gallery Page of your artwork.

If you have frequently asked a question, please refer to the FAQ on gallery rates. The following chart illustrates the difference between the four gallery set styles. Title is always displayed. Description are displayed in the light box. You can open a page or a mailbox. Choose Gallery, Carousel, Grid, Slide Show or Stack. See How to insert a block for more information. Up to 250 pictures and video files can be uploaded.

Up to 250 pictures and video from an available gallery page can be viewed. In order to reduce the page width, you can always build more than one gallery on more than one page. For more information on our best practice for uploading pictures, see Format your pictures for web viewing or our All About Imaging series.

Use the block editor to move several pictures into the picture loader. Alternatively, you can click the picture loader to open a picture selector window. For more information, see Getty Images and Squarespace overview. Embedded video can be embedded from a hostingservice. You cannot upload video directly. Currently we are supporting live YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Animoto links.

If you want to append a video, click the + symbol in the bottom right hand corner, and then click Video. On the Edit Video screen, type the video's URI in the Type an embedable URI field here. Alternatively, you can click the symbol and insert the video embedded encoding into the Edit Embedded Data screen that opens.

It may be necessary to click a Split icon to obtain the video's U or R logo or embedded video number. Once the video is successfully found, you can insert a customized miniature picture that will appear above your video before a viewer starts playing it. A few video clips have an Image that the gallery bar is uploading, but you can delete this picture and uplink it.

Galerieblöcke can show pictures and video that you have added to a gallery page. If you want to view contents on an available gallery page, click Use an available gallery. Next, choose the gallery page you want to use. Use the Theme pane to modify the theme and behaviors of the area. Slide show, carousel and grid pads have different designs.

Your page gallery previews will update so you can see the changes in real-time. It is recommended to toy with the setting until you find a theme you like. For more information, please refer to the dedicated instructions: Hint: The stack gallery is locked in its layouts.

It' got a styling option: Show title and inscription. Picture title and descriptive text are displayed only in slide show, raster, and batch gallery block. Check how the text responds before you add it to an image: Title and descriptors are not displayed in carousel gallery blocs. When the pictures in the gallery set come from an available gallery page, the picture title and descriptive text from the gallery page are displayed in the gallery set as well.

How the caption is written will depend on the gallery bar and your artwork. For more information, please see our stylings section. To each picture, you can attach tracks and/or description that will be displayed if you choose to open pictures in a light box. Every picture caption functions as old text, which can help the site's overall search engine optimization and website barrier.

Move the mouse pointer over an icon in the Gallery block editor. It is recommended to use brief words that describe the picture and refer to your entire page contents. Learn how each notepad is designed to display text: Sileshow - Titles and description are displayed permanently or with the mouse. Specify the location on the Theme tab of the notepad.

Raster - Title is displayed below the pictures. Title and description are displayed during over when the picture is in Lightbox modus. Batch - Title and description are displayed below the pictures. Merry-go-round - Title and description are not displayed. Add click-through ULs to your pictures to add them to your pages, contents, or data. It' a great way to use the gallery to promote customer project views, product views, file views or blogs.

Click-through url works with pictures, but not with video. Allows you to insert a click-through URL: Go back to the Contents register card of the block editor. Move the mouse pointer over an icon in the Contents field, and then click the... icon. Continue the addition of the Click-through URL. Click through the icon to continue. Please refer to the Using clicking through page for details.

Enable or disable Open Link in New Window on the Designs page to customize the appearance of your link. Please note: Gallery blocs have some restrictions on click-through URLs: The Slideshow Gallery section contains click-through ULs that overwrite the navigational settings. When using click-through ULs and slide show theme, we suggest that you enable the Show Next and Previous Controls options on the theme page of the block editors.

Click-through ULs are not allowed in the Raster Gallery block if the lightbox is enabled. The Grid Gallery block only allows you to open click-through URLs in a new browser windows. When you have a gallery associated with your gallery block, insert click-through urls on the gallery page. You can always change the size of the entire gallery block, but some gallery block have extra resizing options:

The Carousel Gallery block allows you to change the size of the pictures and the number of pictures displayed simultaneously. The Grid Gallery block lets you trim pictures to specific forms, specify the number of previews per line, and customize the upholstery. The Slideshow Gallery block lets you select whether you want to trim pictures.

Once you're done creating your contents and creating the pad, click Saving. If you want to move the theme to another group, click the Theme page of the group editor. In this way, you can modify the look and feel of your gallery without removing and reinserting the group. In the Editor, double-click the area.

Choose the Design page. Choose slide show, slider, grid, or stacked. When you make a choice, the gallery previews on your page changes so you can see the changes in Real Life.

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