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Wallpaper videos are retrieved from Vimeo or YouTube video sharing URLs. Background color or banner overlay color is displayed while video buffering takes place. Every Squarespace template has a different ID and class structure.

Home video (like Squarespace.com)? - Responding

The best way to do this is with an HTML5 video pedestal. Saving the video in your browser's VideoM file formats will allow us to use some JavaScript and JavaScript to attach the video box to the loading page, place it in the top upper right hand edge and expand it to 100% width to fit the entire page.

You can do this on almost any Squarespace submission. We have a great installable "copy and paste" video wallpaper coding on Squarespace sites... You can get exactly the same video wallpaper feature as your own SS website without any problems. They' re totally reactive, loops and plays back automatically with the ability to silence or playback the soundtrack.


The addition of loops, autoplays, muted videos to Squarespace can be done in different ways. You' ll need a video clip. iStock is a great source for small video files. Must have the filename in a filename type of . MP34. We also recommend creating a . webm data type.

We' ll set the . webm filename as our browser preference and then use the . MP34 as our falback. This is because the . Webm data is smaller and of similar size and resolution. Finally, you need a "poster" picture for the phone. A picture that is used when the video cannot be viewed, which is the behaviour on the phone.

Now, we need to get the data hosted somewhere. The Squarespace allows you to load a 20 megabyte (.MB) large video onto the internal memory, it is not advisable to use a wallpaper video with a bigger filesize. When your data is bigger, I suggest Vimeo Pro. The Vimeo Pro allows you to get a full video filename address; the filename must end with .mp4.

Browse to the Customizing page /config/design/custom-css within your Squarespace page. Click on "Open in window" and then on "Manage user-defined files". Select "Add pictures or fonts" in the side bar and select your video file. Now your customized CSS/Manage Custom Files page bar should look like the following picture.

Finally, click in the Cascading Style Sheet area and then on the side bar filename; this will allow you to get the full address of the filenames we will need in the next part. Just click on the other attachments to get all available addresses for each attachement. Remove the URIs from the section because they are not valid and you get an err.

Browse to the Code injection /config/settings/advanced/injection page of your Squarespace page. "Homepage #siteWrapper" ); })); If you only use a . np4 and a logo picture, then use the following excerpt that does not contain the URL. "Homepage #siteWrapper" ); }); }); your page should now look similar to the following one.

Refresh the variable url for each article using the previously used url for your website, posters and MP3. If you click Save and view the website, you should see the video playback. Notice: I am injected the video directly after the homepage #siteWrapper. Every Squarespace has a different ID and a different state.

It may be necessary to check the page with Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug to find the right ID for attaching the video canister. Note also that the home page category. is a dynamical category that assigns squarespace to the home page itself. In this example we have to put a suffix in front of the homepage, otherwise the video would be shown on every page.

Browse to the Customizing page /config/design/custom-css within your Squarespace page. Updated the layout of the video so that it remains centred on the monitor. The following section of my site uses a calculation of the altitude to display it in full frame mode; the windows altitude minus the head altitude. Altitude: calc (~"100vh - 86px"); This value varies according to the results you want.

Also note that the size of the headers changes in tables and portable displays, so it may be necessary to set up a container prompt to make customizations;

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