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What kind of model for such a cinema site? When you go to the FACTUAL page of my website, I just want to have beautiful neat pictures there, which then click on a new page with the video on it. I currently have miniature views with the nasty FULL PAGE arrows turned on, which then click on the playback of FULL PAGE videos that are far too large.

Beautiful broadside, 3 decent pictures per line, with text below, and then click through to the video (in a manageable scale, about 800 pixel wide). As soon as I've selected a galleries, I don't seem to be able to set it up to give me the above, and there's no way to tell what video is going to fit on the next monitor - it goes into full mode and I want it to still be played inside the blank page.

A further example is my friend's page here: http://www.neirinjones.lighting/, which I know is a squarespace page and might be simpler to use? It played the video on the same page above, which I think is quite sweet.

Best services for the creation of an online video portfolio

Building a landing page to present your video store is simpler than you might think. Below are some website builder easy and inexpensive ways to present your video portfolio. No matter whether you are a video freelancer or a producer in charge of your own in-house sales activities, it is essential that your website reflects your brands well.

Don't provide your prospective customers with a hyperlink to your work on YouTube or Vimeo. Here are some of my favourite ways to build a basic website where you can host your video portfolio or your demonstration role. While there are certainly more sophisticated choices, for video professionals who want to build a basic website to easily split their project, there is nothing you can do wrong with any of these tools.

Squarespace has evolved over the last few years into a leading provider of easy website building services. You can quickly apply your own style and your own contents to any website that Squarespace hosts with a large selection of beautiful looking template designs. Prices vary from $5/month US dollars for a single page layout (cover page) to $18/month for a full web site.

Squarespace top sheet options are a good way to present a demonstration role, as the video-centered layouts are first class and fully reactive, which means they look great on the phone (examples below). Just like Squarespace, Carbonmade is a CMS that offers well-designed template, ease of customisation and a user-friendly user experience.

All page styles are portfolio-based, making the site a good option for creativity pros (photographers, graphics artists, video publishers and the like). Raster layout (example below) is a good way to present your portfolio of video work. Prices range from $6 to $24 per dollar per months, dependent on the size of the option.

Wix, a basic site builder, is one of the long-standing market leader in the DIY website development industry. When it was introduced in 2007, all drafts were Flash-based. Following the rejection of Flash pages on the Web, Wix 2012 introduced full functionality for HTML5-based content provision. Style sheets contain photo and portfolio pages, but other website page formats are also displayed, among them businesses, fashions, events and more.

Generally, the template is not as well crafted as other option ( "Squarespace" and "Carbonmade") and all video must be externalized, e.g. on Vimeo or YouTube, and embedded...an additional stage for video portfolioers. This huge user base adds the advantages of innumerable topic choices, ten thousand plug-ins, and extensive on-line documentations for shared functionality and functionality.

WorldPress is open sourced, so you can deploy it on a single web site and hosted at any number of webshops. The setup may be somewhat more intense than some of these other choices and requires some previous web design experience to make significant adjustments. Try one of these free WordPress topics designed specifically for video sites to begin with.

Portfolio Topic choices are finite and extended changes to the page must be made using user-defined style sheets (which requires some web code experience). They can redirect a Vimeo Portfolio page to a Vimeo Content page for a more polished web site listing. While a Vimeo portfolio may not be the most elegant way to get a demonstration roll site, it's a fast way to build a customized page for a customer that presents all the video you've built for them on one page.

Even though the vast majority currently use the software are professional photography and graphics artists, many of the cargo artwork works just as well for video editing and motion design. No video hosted, so video project from outside pages (YouTube and Vimeo) must be embed on cargo pages. At CargoCollective.com, Cargo shows its favourite pages and shows its favourite project for additional transparency.

You are a professional and looking for a way to divide your portfolio? What do you do to hoster your video portfolio?

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