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I hope you are now convinced that Squarespace is not such a bad idea. Being an experienced & experienced Squarespace web designer, I can turn your website around quickly and without compromising quality or service. Easy to use Squarespace website templates & design services.

There are 3 things you should always keep in mind when you sell Squarespace websites

Hopefully you are now confident that Squarespace is not such a terrible notion. To what extent does the sale of a Squarespace website differ from the sale of a conventional website? Like I said, Squarespace isn't a Silberkugel. They will not meet all your needs and above all not all your customers. If new customers knock on your doorstep, you need to train them to see if they are well suited for a squarespace.

Below are some answers I'll try to give before continuing with a Squarespace website: Squarespace's sites are ideal for companies, non-profit organizations and one-man companies such as artisans, professional photography companies, realtors and advisors. Looking for investments in your market? A few customers may ask you to create things that have nothing to do with your business (a new billing system, a personal board, a CRM,...).

It is important that you divide your inquiry into two groups: promotional expenses and operating expenses. Square space is great for the first, not so much for the second. What is your overall merchandising spend? If you think that your customer's overall spending is $3,000 for a year, even a $2,000 website will be priceless, I always try to estimate the customer's entire spending for your website, even if it's a low price.

Conversely, if your customer has 1 full staff member devoted to your advertising, which can be between 40k-100k per year based on where you reside, there is a good possibility that a $5,000 website will be considered a good one. Often this is a good indication that they will have the money for a new website.

The customer already knows the value of a website and is willing to invest in improving it. To know what the true customer expects is will help you supply. Customer: Could you create web pages? Customer: Customer: This is a fact of life. Representatives loathe this issue and customers loathe this response. And the only way an agency doesn't quote a quote is because they want to accurately guess the number of working day needed to finish a job and multipolate it with their per diem rates.

If a new customer asks us how much a new website costs, we give him a rate. If you know the precise size of the job, submit a full proposal to your customers. Again, it is not necessary to specify the number of working days required to finish the work. LISTEN all services the customer receives.

Below are some samples of the services we offer our customers: This is a set of brief video explaining the most frequent exercises, such as adding and updating contents themselves. Don't let the worm work. According to our experiences, the greatest hindrance to keep the course of the projects on is to design the contents correctly.

Recall the day of liorem impsum when we created a photo shop artwork in photo shop using wildcard pictures and text and asked the customer to "fill" the site with genuine contents. As the customer did, our statical and accurate pixels turned into a battleground. It is not the customer's task to shape his contents.

It is your task to comprehend what the customer does for a livelihood and to design the contents for him. There is no need to recreate the contents from the ground up, but you must be ready to work with what the customer provides. When your customer gives you nasty images, process them, trim them or look for better ones.

When the only contents you get is a hard copy booklet, then it's good enough... Cut the contents, rewrite it, find the key words, optimize it. Your contents do not have to be perfectly made. Indeed, almost all of our customers modify the copy as soon as they gain administrator privileges. Fortunately, the era of liorem is long gone, especially with a utility like Squarespace where the contents are the designs.

Because your customers are unable to deliver ready-to-copy contents to you, this does not mean that the end result has to be of poor workmanship. Squarespace website development and sale require a different distribution and customer relations strategy. Since your budgets, your aspirations and your results are different, you need to adjust your customer experience and keep these 3 things in mind:

Ensure that Squarespace is the best for your customer. Don't let the clients work.

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