Squarespace website down

The Squarespace website below

Except it's a Squarespace page. space requirement Simply put, you don't own your own contents on websites like Squarespace and Blogger. That' s why it is very important for me to see so many companies on Squarespace. But for a corporation? Yes, you buy Squarespace just like you would buy a hosting, but you buy a complete "do-it-yourself" product, not a product that specialises in certain technologies that keep your website going.

It is not a hosted business and what they specialise in is not the same as what a hosted business would specialise in. So let's take a look at some of Squarespace's general conditions of sale in comparison to the general conditions of a conventional hosted site. Below are extracts from Squarespace's General Conditions and each section is noted at the end of each notion.

We may terminate the service at any given moment without giving reasons. At our option, we may alter, substitute, deny entry to, suspend or terminate the Service, in whole or in part, or alter, amend or alter the price of any or all of the Service for you or any of our User at any and all times in our absolute and absolute judgment.

Squarespace is under no duty, for the protection of cause of doubt, either to save, keep or make available to you a copy of the contents that you or other members make available when using the Services. So, on the basis of the above extracts from Squarespace's general conditions, there are a lot of things that Squarespace can do with your website, which still makes me ill as a shopkeeper who does not use it.

You can stop your work without notice and erase all your data in the process - they MAY send you an e-mail, but they do not warrant or represent that they will do so or that they will take any kind of comprehensive action to inform you of the erasure of your whole WEBSITE. In addition, they may stop or stop their work at any moment, and the only way you will know is because they will publish it on their website (or send you an e-mail, but that's not necessary.) If your website goes down, or server crashes, or any catastrophic things of this kind and you loose your information, they have no commitment to save, wait for or make available to you the contents you had on theirs.

You do not warrant any kind of operating time or any kind of indemnity that your operation will be interrupted or that you will suffer any kind of lost profits. When your site is down and you can't access/use your site, your only choice is to stop using the site...... And if that's not enough, they don't ensure that all e-mails sent through their site will make it to you.

When you run a company on Squarespace and you have a contact sheet where your customers reach you, make a booking, arrange a meet, etc. - Squarespace does NOT guarantee that you will receive these e-mails. Since you don't have real permission to your "hosting", you can't even verify your /maildir to see if there are any in there that got dropped in the game.

As I am comfortable with it, I will use the general conditions of my hosting (Dreamhost) as a point of contact, but I cannot ensure that other hosting will have the same or similar points in their general conditions. The best case for you is to simply... check the general conditions for your hosting.

Well, to be honest, my hosts has some similar points in their general conditions, but not quite so strict. It' also quite easy to reread, unlike Squarespace's, which looks more like a juridical paper than something that the user needs to be able to reread and browse.

The DreamHost guarantee 100% availability. If 100% availability is not guaranteed, this will lead to a reimbursement to the client in accordance with the rules laid down here. In the event that the customer's website, database, e-mail, FTP, SSH or web mail becomes useless due to failures in DreamHost for any reason other than the previously notified planned service, programming or setup error, the latter shall be liable to damages.

Client will be credited DreamHost to the amount of Client's actual costs of 1 (one) full days services for each (one) full hours (or portion thereof) services outage, up to a limit of 10% of Client's next prepaid replacement hosted charge. While Dreamhost says they don't give ultimative warranties for the services (which is natural as they are a business and need to defend themselves and their employees), they pledge availability and indemnity if for any reasons not only my website but also my e-mail, FTP, database, etc. are not available.

Therefore, the issue does not have to be my website as a whole, but each and every part of my web site to be eligible for reimbursement - which is usually a rebate on my account. But there is only one moment when I can recall that the server failed for any length of timeframe, which struck me, and Dreamhost sent me an email and gave me a rebate on my account for that failure although I never contact them.

Thats not in their DOOS, but it is a person-to-person content I person had with Dreamhost, wherein I had content with my electronic communication, and been in connection with Dreamhost to see if they could activity. I didn't know then that it wasn't a Dreamhost problem at all, but they took the effort to help me fix it anyway.

However, self-hosting is more expensive! Squarespace is $12 every flat monthly - I buy $11 at Dreamhost. By paying annually, Squarespace will cost you $96, Dreamhost $107, and they contain a free domainname with each new schedule that is valid for the duration of your hosted service (i.e., you have hosted with them for 10 years, you have a free domainname for 10 years).

This is the smallest schedule available for Squarespace, while this is the only schedule available for Dreamhost (outside of devoted server or DreamPress, which is not necessary for ALL WordPress pages). Dreamhost lets you have more than one domain, subdomain, store, you can have as many articles as you want, with full control over your FTP/files/backend, the possibility to connect Google Apps without having to pay more.

The Dreamhost service no longer allows you to use promotional code or offer you the ability to distribute codes/links to grant full rebates on your purchase/schedule. There is still $30/$50 you can still earn on your monthly/annual web site by using this web site but it is an Affiliate web site and it will give me a Refer a Friend bonus.

Yes, if you need to do the service and support, then your website will need more hours on a self-hosted site (WordPress or otherwise). However, if you are a company and work through your website - either as a store or as an on-boarding customer, then the value of your website is technical... all the invoices it paid.

Nobody said that it would be simple to own a store, and I'm sure there are other things you have to face that you don't necessarily want. Each company has things that are demanded of it that you may not like to do, but if it's part of how your company works, then I think you need to be clear about how it works, how you treat it, and how you monitor it well.

If you own a company that spends your invoices and has a place on the top of your bill, and having a website is a mandatory part of it, I think you shouldn't choose the "easy" way out just because you don't want to have anything to do with it. Companies are an outlay, of cost and amount of work, and I think it's terribly unfortunate that we are living in a place that allows us to find the "easy way out" for things that support our family and keep our bills settled, especially when it's not the best realistic one.

I don't need you to hear anything I said in this article, you don't need to consider what could be happening to your website on Squarespace, or the crazy conditions of use they offer - I mean, because the chances of them killing and never returning are low, right?

The most of the second half of this posting is an opinion, and just reason me that I do not think that Squarespace should be a sustainable business choice. After all, if something happens and you're without a website and all the heavy work you've put into your website is gone...it won't really make a difference what you pay for, that they do the servicing, how neat the design is or how simple it is, will it?

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