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Website not loaded

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jumpascript - JS does not work on the Squarespace website

A Squarespace website does not download the pages, it simply exchanges the contents (think of angle routing) and on this website I have a kind of typed website imbedded with an israme. However, similar to the JS page format, JS is not thrown because the page is not reloaded, but exchanges contents.

To confirm this, I reloaded the page and the line above worked. If JS is not loading on the page because the page is rendering that way, how on earth am I going to refresh the page?

Firefox has also said that an increase in the page loading timeout will help the site without the "Unresponsive Script" alert - but this only affects our own unique browsers and not those of our own people.

A fortnight after the move, however, we discovered that our Firefox browsers would be freezing when trying to download the blogs. A small pop-up called " Unresponsive Script Warning" was displayed, containing some information about the "debugging" of the issue and a "Continue" setting. We would click "Next" and the page would be loaded, but this alert would appear every and every times we return to the blogs page - that is, every and every times we work on post designs, edit postings, and visit the web site itself.

So we tried to fix the issue ourselves by first deleting user-defined style sheets, then deleting user-defined header and footer injections. Our Pinterest and Twitter side bar applications were taken off, the site was tried on Mac and PC, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera - but the issue remained. Writing to Squarespace's technical assistance team, and with the detailed information we provided in our first news item, our issue was immediately turned into a manager.

Squarespace was said to have difficulty loading too much information on a page, such as too many pictures or several blogs. That means that Squarespace has a loading issue with its own files - picture pads and blogs postings, site creating utilities or'assets' that Squarespace.com creates and hosts for its core website building role.

The suggestion was that we restrict the number of blogs that appear per page and thus the number of pictures per page - and the issue would go away. Thus, we switched the number of entries per page from 10 to 3: the warning of unresponsive scripts has gone, and everything was fine - for a whole months.

During this period we resolved to build an archives of our blogs. With several summarizing blocs, we have built the "Grid View" page, which shows a picture with text for each of our blogs throughout the year. In the course of the summers we have added more blogs and more overview pads to our archives page "Raster View".

At the end of July we realized that the'Unresponsive Script Warning' appeared again - but this times on our page 'Grid View'. Writing another Squarespace tickets, we provided all the information we needed, with constant reference to our current tickets number and our last employee who had assisted us with this problem.

After again finding that this issue is not code-related, our issue was scaled up to a Squarespace supervisor. Once the issue had been thoroughly explained, it was verified that Squarespace had a loading issue with its own asset. If a web browsers needs too long to download the contents of a web page, the web browsers pauses and tells you that the script on the page is "not responding".

Either the website is completely cropped, such as with Google Chrome, or you have the possibility to "continue" the page when it is loaded. Please be aware that Squarespace has problems loading its own files and therefore needs too long to download to freeze your webrowser. Squarespace Supervisor wrote: "I have tested this and can definitely regularly publish it in Firefox.

Usually this message[appears] when loading the contents through the scripts lasts longer than anticipated. The majority of web browser's have a thresholds value for when a alert is issued when a long period of execution of a given command is required, and it seems that the thresholds value for Firefox et al. is exactly around the amount of execution times it needs to be completed, so it sometimes happens in a timely manner and sometimes just a little too long for the alert to appear intermittent.

" We' ve also been informed that an increase in the timeout Firefox has imposed for loading a page will help loading the website without the "Unresponsive Script" alert - but this only affects our own unique web browsers and not those of our own people. Our answer was whether the third parties' Pinterest or Twitter apps on our Grid View page bar could be responsible for a slow-loading scripts.

Basically, there is a point where the number of summary blocks in combination with the number of elements to be displayed causes the scripts to run longer than anticipated and in some cases overwrite the web browsers. During my own tests, I couldn't get Safari to make mistakes, but I saw the Firefox alert consistent, and Chrome once went down.

" It gave several choices for slower Squarespace workaround scripting for our raster viewing archives page: Policy 1: Delete some of the available sum blocks on the page. Removing the January notepad, I couldn't see the Firefox scripts alert any more, neither signed in nor signed out.....

Policy 2: Reducing the number of sum blocks by incrementing the number of tag numbers that each blocks has. As an example, I have only used 3 sum blocks instead of 8; the first shows August - June, the second May - March and the third February and January. Policy 3: Use the same number of sum blocks, but lower the number of elements shown in each one.

In this test page, I have configured each summary block to show only 3 elements. When you use this setting, you probably want to include a Show More shortcut or click for each summary block that points to a specific page for that particular months, with another summary block that shows the remainder of the records for that particular months.

Our choice of the #2 choice is because the purpose of our'Grid view' page is to act as an archives, which means that we would like to provide a full listing of our contributions. Recently, we built an archives page that is separated from the Raster page and minimizes the number of summarizing blocs on the home page.

Find out how to build a summaries archives by using more than one #tag per summaries area! "On August 31, 2015, we got another follow-up e-mail from the technical supporter: "I overheard our research and engineering teams and they let me know that this is related to the way the script that uploads pictures to our pages is loaded.

First of all, they have proposed that the best course is to restrict the overall number of pictures and pads on the page so that they do not have to run so long to upload the pictures to avoid these mistakes. "Although you can modify your Firefox preferences so that your Firefox does not see the warning of unresponsive scripts, this is a Squarespaceissue.

Squarespace sites simply have a hard time loading their own files. When there are "too many" abstracts, pictures or blogs per page, website building blocs and asset files that Squarespace has built as a website builders, Squarespace has a bug. Since Squarespace's main function is a website builders, I have contents that I would like to be shared and wanted to use your website for that as well.

Squarespace seems to have problems loading its own files, which shouldn't be a big deal for a website builders - because that's its main part. "By 20 September 2015 this will remain a long way off, and it is anyone's guess when it will be resolved, if at all.

We will say, however, that Squarespace has a highly reactive support team and they will always try to resolve your issues. After having built over 10 other sites on Squarespace that are bug-free, we would still highly appreciate their use.

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