Squarespace Widgets

The Squarespace Widgets

Help with Squarespace 5 - Pages and widgets Sitemap Squarespace5 If you are creating your website, use built-in Squarespace 5 module which are referred to as pages and widgets. These guidelines give an outline of the available pages and widgets with hyperlinks to further information. This can be displayed as a shortcut in your top menu or in your side bar. Add contents to your side bar with a wideget.

A number of moduls are available both as a page and as a broadget. You can, for example, build a standalone Amazon Item list page and in your website side bar you can include an Amazon item listing widget. Please click on the links for each modul to find out more. The Amazon Itemist page / Widget - Show items for sale on Amazon.com.

Changes Tracker Page / widget - Displays the latest changes to your website. Diskussionsseite - Build a forums engine to make it easier to discuss on your website. Dropdown Box Page - Allows users to drop a file onto your website. Browsing Widgets - Currently not available. Folders page - Generate a link page drop-down list. Forms page / Widgets - Generate a forms to collect your comments and information.

Guest-book page - Build an open feedback page where users can post a news item. html-page - A empty page for addition of contents like text, pictures and hyperlinks. Journaling Index Page / widget - Make a listing of your most recent entries, organised by date, track, day or group. Journaling Summary widget - Displays current entries with text in your journal.

Left Page / widget - Adds a listing of left-clicks. location Widget - Currently not available. Page / Widgets Prompt login - Adds a place for the members of your site to sign up. Image Galleries Page - Make a searchable image album. Powered By Squarespace page/widget - Apply a small symbol to advertise Squarespace on your website.

Register page - Allows users to register for a member area. News RSSidget - Imports news from an RSS feeder. Find Page / widget - Help your site users browse your site contents. E-mail Page/Send White Paper - Adds a basic questionnaire to collect information and provide comments. Individual Links Page - Adds a navigational links.

Visualize your and your website members' visualisations. RSS Page / Widget Syndicate - Displays a text hyperlink and an indicator that points to your RSS feed URL. Day cloud page / Widget - Adds a day clamp for the days and/or catagories of your blogs. The Text/HTML Widgets - An empty screen to attach text, pictures and hyperlinks to your side bar.

Tweet Widget - Imports a tweet from your website.

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