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You will find a good WordPress host. Locate matching (or similar) squares and WordPress themes and install plug-ins like Sell Media. Link your Squarespace and WordPress pages. Click on the 'Activate Plugin & Run Importer' link. In the next screen, click the Select File button and then select the Squarespace export file that you previously downloaded.

Integrating Squarespace with WordPress (in 5 steps)

Square space is a useful plattform for many people. It' simple to use, has some great functions and also looks new. However, you don't have to restrict yourself to using a common operating system to take advantage of different functionalities. When you don't care about a little work, it's quite possible to use Squarespace with a second plattform like WordPress.

So you can access the power of the features - and plug-ins like Sell Music. We' ll show you in this paper how to embed Squarespace into WordPress in just five easy stages - and we' re assuming you already have a Squarespace website and a real estate map of the site.

It is the most important stage because WordPress cannot be executed without a proper hosting. Put in simple terms, the keys to locating the right WordPress hosting is knowing your money, looking for good ratings, and locating an item that contains the functionality you need. They are a dependable choice with a variety of WordPress related functions so you are in good hands. Thus, you are in good control.

For example, you could own the mysquarespacewebsite.com domain and create a wordpress.mysquarespacewebsite.com sub-assign to it WordPress. This allows your website to remain as it is while operating a distinct (but related) website elsewhere. But to run two Web sites outside a single Domain, you may need to contact your hosting company.

However, the real procedure of creation of a slave depends on your webhost or registrar, but it is largely the same on all plattforms. First, login to your webhostashboard and search for your cPanel. Look inside for the Undomain option: Choose your higher-level domains from the drop-down list, and then click Create:

It is now your turn to download and use WordPress. WordPress installation differs a little from web host to web host, but most of them make it quite simple by offering you an one-click installation options. They are often under your cPanel - in this example we use the Sofaculous App installer: you are looking for a similar installation as WordPress, and when you find it, click Apply Now.

Take special note of the Choose Domain radio button - here you will choose your sub-domain URL: Once you have completed all the fields, click on Install at the bottom of the page and lean back as the spell passes. As soon as it is ready, you will want to adapt your new WordPress site. You have a variety of customization choices for your new WordPress website, for example, font selection and selection of a colour theme.

But since we want to use Squarespace to build our new setup, you should make both look as similar as possible. Similar to Squarespace, WordPress also allows you to use designs to customize the look of your website. They' re simple to set up, and while there are tons of free designs, you get more performance from a well-designed premier choice.

We only need to find two similar looking topics for our purpose and minimise the difference with the built-in features. Take a look at the example Avenue on Squarespace: QUA, one of our topics, fits well with Avenue's designs as they both have a minimalist, contemporary style: As soon as you have selected and adapted your layout, you will want to extend the functions of your WordPress site with add-ons, the so-called "plugins".

Similar to theme, many plug-ins are free, and some are necessary for a save and reliable install. An example that can help you selling your photos is our selling multimedia plugin: So you can resell your photos directly from your website without siphoning off a portion of your winnings.

Now you can select which work you want to resell, what it looks like, whether you want to resell printed matter and much more. You can also expand its functions to include all possible extra functions. As soon as you have WordPress installed, the last stage is to get your two sites integrated. Let us start with Squarespace.

Sign in, browse to the Pages section of your dashboard, and click Top Navigation. Select the Links from here: Select a track and include a hyperlink to the WordPress page of your choice. Save and click Save and do the same for as many pages as you want to link:

We now need to make sure that our WordPress navbar contains the same link as our Squarespace page. Go to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress dashboard. In WordPress, if the creation of a menus looks complex, don't bother - it's easy. Standard allows us to include all the pages we have previously made in WordPress, so choose them and click Append to drop-down list.

Perhaps you also want to customize their navigational labels to fit the ones in your square system navigational bar: If you want to include your square pages in your WordPress menus, select Custom links, enter the name of the pages and their respective addresses, and then click Next to the menus again: After all, be sure to make sure that the order of your WordPress menus is the same as that of Squarespace.

With WordPress, you can move your elements by dragging and dropping them so that your menus instantly correspond to your Squarespace page. The integration of Squarespace into WordPress may not be the easiest way, but it is a good choice for those who want to take advantage of the power of WordPress. In order to get the most out of this combination, you should create your homepage with Squarespace and exit WordPress for your hard lift if you need extended features on other pages.

You will find a good WordPress hosting. Please use WordPress. Locate suitable (or similar) squares and WordPress topics and deploy plug-ins like Sell Media. Link your Squarespace and WordPress pages. Which Squarespace functions would you like to see in WordPress or the other way round?

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