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The Squarespace believes that it is important to pursue your dreams and be consumed by them. Anomalie''s first place ads tell those who think of following a fantasy. In its first Anomaly launch, Squarespace is fully committed to saying to anyone with a love for it but wonders if they should get involved: "Well, you should." This slogan is presented in a new 60-second slogan manifest and a fistful of printed advertisements. With the new marketing initiative, those who have an initiative will be encouraged to act accordingly - to do what is really important to them, to communicate their passions to the rest of the universe, on Squarespace, of course.

Something naturally destined to be the Squarespace client who at last follows his dreams. Our end-to-end campaigns include TV, out-of-home, printed and digitized. "You Should' is a challenge to the million outside who are sitting on their own idea and don't know where to put it," says Mike Byrne, Anomaly' founder member and CCO.

"The Squarespace is an excellent place not only to breathe fresh air into your idea, but also to enjoy it in its true and best state. We wanted to find the best way to find the best moments before self-doubt prevents most of us from realizing our own visions. Welcome to your stage."

"A large part of our market is to connect with creative people who embrace our values," says Anthony Casalena, Squarespace CEO and founding partner. "-2016 will be a great year for us, and we are looking forward to launching our new season that will encourage others to pursue their passion and make something nice on Squarespace."

Die Kampagne aborted the Golden Globes and will be continued in the Super Bowl. Among the movers and shakers of the initiative are the following:

The Squarespace TV commercial,'You should: Manifesto".

Squarespace TV commercials,'you should: Manifesto' Squarespace thinks that it is important to pursue your dream and be consumed by it. The advertisement features individual artists such as Chelsea Bravo, Craig Ward, Kevin Shum, Carlos of Lumber Juan and North Brooklyn Farms who pursue what they like through the arts of figure-skating, as well as the arts and so on.

Square Space empowers individuals to communicate their passion to the rest of the community by creating a website.

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