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Square space possesses a web site designed - now it comes for e-mails.

Squarespace has been a synonym for nice, home-made sites for years - for just 18 dollars a months, you can have your own ambitious trademark. Squarespace sees the emergence of direct-to-consumer and small e-commerce makes the company a mature player. If you have small company and individual web entrepreneurs, your current tool is named Scannershot, and it seldom works well together unless your company owner is technical adept - you may have a Squarespace site associated with Google Analytics and use Mailchimp for email, but you can only see what your email is pointing to on your site if you can connect them all.

As Casalena bets, small businesses want to do everything on a unified toolbox so they don't have to struggle with all the different utilities. For this reason, Casalena is positioned Squarespace as an all-in-one place for small businesses and private persons to do businesses on-line, taking over huge names such as Wix, Shopify and Mailchimp.

With the new e-mail marketing tools from Square Space, visitors can access information from their Square Space website, whether it's a blogs or a products page. Competitive service providers like Mailchimp usually require you to copy and paste some of their contents. Analyses of the e-mails are also integrated. Instead of combining MailChimp and Google analytics with Square Space to see how your e-mail marketing efforts increase your website traffic, everything is in one place.

Squarespace's products manager Natalie Gibralter says the business has been told by clients that e-mail is the most important part of their e-mail campaign, so she and her staff began to develop Squarespace's e-mail products about a year ago. Casalena says that the concept of an all-in-one solution was part of Squarespace from the beginning - although he founded the business in 2003, which involved bringing together editorial content management tools, blogsoftware, picture galleriesoftware and webhosts.

Well, it means giving website visitors easy acces to commercial software, analysis and - you guess it - e-mail. Squarespace's e-mail campaigns are free for the first few weeks, and up to 50,000 e-mails can be sent by existing subscribers. After that, in the late or early fall, people will be asked to update their accounts to be able to send e-mails, with rates from $8 per month, depending on the number of e-mails they want to be sent.

With the future in mind, Gibralter is looking to develop complementary utilities to help small companies do the day-to-day work of operating on-line. View an analysis plattform that not only lets a small company know which clients have opened an e-mail, who has gone to its website, what items they have looked at, and what items they have purchased, but also proposes to report a few particular items with another e-mail.

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