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Default Wordpress theme

Getting into gear Almost a months ago, we got word from 8bit that they were going to close the store. We at WooThemes have over the years built up a great deal of reverence for John and the 8bit staff, so we were certainly amazed and frustrated to learn the story. Companies working in this WordPress environment know exactly how difficult it can be to develop and maintain a successful project.

We all know Standard Theme was an amazing piece, I think. Default theme was described as "incredibly simple to use with just enough choices to be efficient, then it is turned off". This is a short excerpt from what the 8bit audience said about the release. Quite quickly we realized that we couldn't just lean back and let Standard Theme pass.

Thus we made the decision to address John and the 8bit crew with the intention to take over Standard Theme and to support at least the next year (until WordPress 4.0). In our opinion, this step will be a great advantage for the many Standard Theme user base and overall an important step for the WordPress audience to make sure that Standard Theme is error free and interoperable with future WordPress versions.

As we look to Standard Theme for next year, we would like to certify that we will not be reselling Standard Theme on In the next few weeks we will contact all Standard Theme user directly for more information. WooThemes is a great way to welcome you to the Woo Family if you are not already acquainted with WooThemes.

Thanks to John and the 8bit crews who gave us the chance to take charge of your products and the stunning WordPress user population. Hopefully you will have fun travelling with us as we work to keep the standard theme lively and good.

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