Starkers Wordpress Theme

Strongers Wordpress Theme

Illustration article for the topic Naked Wordpress. Drafting for WordPress - Starkers theme. Strongers WordPress Theme Strongers is a boneless WordPress theme that serves as a point of departure for the Theme Designers. Starkers is free of all visual representation element and non-semantic mark-up and is the ideal'empty slate' for your WordPress project, as it is a stripped-back edition of the'Twenty Ten' theme (versions before 3.0 were already using the 'Default' design).

The best part is it's free and fully GPL licenced, so you can use it for anything you want - even your own business use. A completely "new 2012 version" of Starkers is in progress and will be available in mid-2012. Added: GPL license includes renamed as'_LICENSE.txt':'READ_ME.txt' becomes'_READ_ME.txt' rewrite, using the'Standard' design provided with WordPress 2.8 as base.

Now Starkers is called after the WordPress release with which it is sync.

Strongers WordPress Theme

Topic designers. Clear of all stylistic constraints, for all your WordPress work. Entirely rewritten from ground up, the build below. Added: GPL license includes renamed as'_LICENSE.txt':'READ_ME.txt' becomes'_READ_ME.txt' rewrite, using the theme'Standard' contained in WordPress 2.8 as the base. the WordPress release with which it is compliant.

Complimentary 'Starkers' Wordpress Theme

The Starkers release has been upgraded for WordPress 2.6.2 interoperability. Every time I build a new Wordpress-based website, I go through the same routine: install the latest release, make a copy of the "standard" theme, and then tear out all the styles and HTML before I start my own design.

It is a probable that many of you are going through; at least those of you who create your own tailor-made topics. Recently it was dawning on me that this was an unbelievably arduous task, and it was then that I did something about it. Worldpress is an unbelievably well-written logging search and its standard-based structure is great, but it's still full of mark-up that just doesn't have to be there.

It'?s bloody good to get rid of those gowns and get undressed! It' s noteworthy that Darren Beale did something similar, but he still kept some fundamental formattings. There is no formating on my topic, which means you have a completely clear vest to work on. Actually, there is even some reverting in the style sheet, so you can rebuild everything from scratch and don't have to be concerned about having web browsing standards come into the game.

To those looking for a nicely crafted free theme, I'm worried that you've come to the wrong place, but hopefully this will help those of you who create your own Wordpress theme each time. The topic is offered as is, without any commitment of assistance, although I will help out if I can.

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