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Now you can start submitting your website to search engines. You need the following three things to start your WordPress page. Setting up your own website is child's play. As soon as you have a website, you can test the platform for things you love.

Launching a website in 20 mins

Launching a website is one of the best kept mysteries to earn cash and make your living. Let us create your own WordPress blogs today! I' ve been a website builder for more than 14 years, so I learned the simplest ways to get going and find the best pricing available.

You' ll have a web site and your own (free) domainname within 20 min, for less than the price of a cup of tea a month. Just click on the link below. Everyone can start their own website. My 82-year-old grandmother is even the master of the museums website of her town. Grandma's WordPress page. WorldPress is a free content management system (CMS) that allows anyone to create, build, edit and maintain their own website.

It provides 25% of all sites (including CNN, NASA and this site!) and is absolutely beginner-friendly. You must have WordPress on a web hosting. We will use Bluehosts that have a 1-click installation and also do many other parts of launching and operating a website for you.

There is a large selection of domains extension, among them . com, . org, . net, . info. It' s the best, but also the most beloved, so your favorite. com name can already be register. Registering usually cost 10 ($13) per year, but you can get your free only with this link: c. Enter your favorite domainname to verify uptime.

When youromainname is available, the page "Create Account" is displayed. Don't strive to find the perfectly suited name. You often appear in my mind when I am creating my websites, and it is simple to move an old website to a new one. Each website must be host.

Web hosting is just a home for your website and its contents (like a distant computer). Hoster "serves" the site to users when they enter your name. With a few mouse clicks you' re up and running and you' re done publishing your contributions to the wide community.

Though there are literally hundred of web host out there, Bluehost is by far the best option for novices. Where is Bluehost? As soon as you have found a domainname, just keep creating your Bluehostccount. Basic " is more than enough for most sites, and you can disable the other chargeable features for now if you don't want them.

There is no treaty and Bluehost has a problem-free 30-day reimbursement policy. 4. Perform the prepayment with your regular credit cards or PayPal (click on "more methods of payment"). From a technical point of view, your website is secure at this time, but if someone goes to your website, there won't be much to see!

But it won't take long... You're about to start installing WordPress, which will allow you to simply administer your entire website, complete with contents and designs, without the need for engineering or programming expertise. WorldPress is used by 80 million web pages, this website included It was originally developed for blogging, but also on-line shops and large message web pages like CNN and MTV use it today.

Update: Bluehost now installs WordPress when you sign up so you can bypass this stage and immediately select your favorite music! Log in to your Bluehost email address and click "Install WordPress" in the Control Panel. Happy birthday - your website is alive in the game! When you now look at your website, it will look very simple and empty.

Continue and modify the topic of your new website. Simply go to your WordPress Admin screen, click on "" Appearance" > "Themes" and search through hundred of free topics. And as you can imagine, WordPress also makes it unbelievably simple to start typing contents that look good. Click " Posts " > " Click New " to open the edit box which looks similar to your usual text processing.

As soon as you have a few stories on the subject of your website posted, there are infinite ways to increase your audiences and even make some cash! To get one for just a few pounds. There are 5 ways to get free of charge today! Besides the publication of high-quality contents, it is especially important to bring your website users (traffic).

What do you do to get traffic to your website? It is a great website owner email and marketing resource. Some of the best ways to make your message stand out is to use hash tags that are appropriate for your target group. Practical free utility like Hashtagify allows you to browse for hash tags you want to use and display populated related hash tags.

These results will help you identify known hashtags to add to your sweets, but be sure not to use too many of them. When you don't have enough spare Twitter spending you should use a planning application like Hootsuite to schedule your online community for next weeks. It is likely that at least one Facebook member group is actively involved in your subject (use the Facebook lookup box).

Because they are already focusing on a particular market segment, they are an effective way to quickly create a true crowd and generate revenue! There are many ways for groups to easily distribute their contents, e.g. by publishing a link on a specific day. When you are distributing your contents, it is important to be genuine by talking to other members and not just spam.

Do not hesitate to divide your website via my Facebook group Starting a Website Facebook. I' d also suggest setting up your own Facebook group to add to your site. One of the most underestimated ways to increase your blogs is by usinginterest. Interaction with other site visitors is assured to increase your site hit, provided you use the right strategies.

Groups forums usually have more supporters than normal forums, which means that more folks will be re-entering your contents and visiting your website. In order to find group panels in your alcove, take a look at PinGroupie. Use this free utility to see how many Repins and Abonnents a single Repins has. It is a website where visitors can split their web pages and allow the reader to choose whether to interactively view the displayed contents.

With over 25 million unique StumbleUpon visitors, but if you want your site to keep your audience on your site and view other pages, you need to make sure your site is optimized with appealing story headings, clear photos, and easy-to-read page layouts. Whilst annotating your niche's favorite blog may seem like a strenuous task, it is still one of the most efficient ways to get visitors to your site.

Rather than sending other weblogs with your website url, create reflective commentaries on the contents of the weblog and keep your website links as a by-line - this is a real way to attract new audiences to your website. Create Google Alerts for related words that will be sent to you by email when you posts on a subject that you can commented on!

Although it's a kind of pay ed sitefficer, Facebook Ads is incredibly efficient at getting you an audience in the shortest possible amount of timef. By creating an ad on Facebook, you can focus on reaching a very, very targeted group. They can start with only $10, but I guess most new Blogger are not able to immediately issue money (unless you monetize your site already), so this is just something you should keep in mind! to join my Facebook Group for new masters.

Sharing your website and connecting with others! As soon as you have any kind of visitor, your website can then be monetized in a dozen ways! Affiliate branding earns commissions from a business for the promotion of an on-line products or services to your website viewers. Now this is a vast sector in itself, which is not surprising considering how many e-commerce sites there are today!

It' all about copy and paste the links into your contents! To get more insights into the way sites generally make cash, take a look at our How to make a living as a blogshop. My first website was launched in 2002, it wasn't beautiful, but frankly it was the best choice I've ever made.

Of course this does not take place over night, but you have to start and take the first steps. That' s why I have written this manual to start a website, and fortunately today it is MUCH simpler to go online with a website. - via Bluehost and WordPress. And if you haven't yet registered a Bluehost email address, click here to take full benefit of the unlimited rebate and free name.

Do not hesitate to ask me a question in the comment below or in my Facebook group. Don't miss to subscribe to my free mailinglist to get more hints and clues!

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