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This is a collection of beautiful, handcrafted, free website templates available for immediate download. Every template contains a review, a long screenshot, a live demo and free download links. Mega Static Shop Responsive Magento Website Topic Responsive $84

Web becomes dynamical and things move quickly. So, why should I need a static website when the web is beyond this phase? Static page is useful if you want to share your thoughts or quickly say something. If you don't have any action taken by your site's traffic, a static page would be a rewarding one.

A lot of people thought that with the dynamics of the web, the static idea of designing would vanish forever. Looks like the best static website tackle is a feat that humanity will long cherish. They can be downloaded for free, customized and then used to create a static website.

Complimentary Website Templates | HTML5 Website Templates

Nice handmade HTML5 and CSS3 website templates for free downloading. Because they' re free doesn't mean they have to be slutty and nasty. Each of our website templates is crafted by hand with great care and detail. Because we want everyone to have fun using our templates, we make sure each one is of the highest possible standard.

Choosing a website template (What's best for your website?)

The choice of a website submission is an important choice for any storekeeper. Many things to keep in mind, from the kind of website you want to create, to various functions and customization choices, to your budgeting and your expertise with templates. It' s quite normal to find yourself feeling stunned when it comes to selecting the right page style for your website.

Remember to also keep an eye on your sector and your market recess to select the best location to use. An artwork that has been designed with the photographer in view is not appropriate for an accountancy firm and the other way around. Which kind of layouts and designs fit your needs? Your website is designed and designed to structure the information when you build it.

We have five keys to designing and using a website that need to be considered when selecting the right website template: Today, most website templates provide two kinds of page widths: full width and box width. For a full-width theme, the wallpaper will stretch the entire width of your computer monitor. Full width layout is very well-liked and is well suited for portable, fast-response templates and graphically sophisticated Web sites.

Canon's HTML5 template has a nice full width look (note how the head picture extends across the full width of the projection surface from corner to corner): The box width is when your contents have a visual border on the right and right side of the display. Brandon WordPress has a box styling option:

Usually, theader is the first thing your traffic sees when they go to your site. Many different kinds of heading layout exist, ranging from a basic logotype picture and primary navigational elements to headings that include slide shows, video, an picture with text overlay, and so on.

The choice of the right head style is more a goal-oriented choice than a designer one. The website head should successfully convey the key messages of your company to your users. On the other paper, if your kind of deal might be difficult to understand using only images, you should select a headers theme that includes an images with a text onlay.

It is also the most commonly used head style shown below in the foundry's WordPress template: Similarly, if your company provides more than one experience, or if you target different people, using a slide show headers can be an great way to present everything you have to deliver in an organised way.

At the bottom the Porto Site Template shows a headerslideshow in action: On the other side, for most small businesses, posters with videos can work very well if they are executed well. You can be a strong marketer that gives your franchise a more individual touch and explains your corporate identity in an appealing way.

You should make your navigational toolbar neat and straightforward, with a wallpaper that's gentle on the eye. The top level top level navigational menus are a classical style and one most used to. A further graphical choice for sophisticated sites is the lower level navigational menus, which puts the main emphasis on your contents and removes visually distracted elements.

Placing your company logos says a great deal about your corporate objectives. Last, but not least, you should consider the overall ease of use and overall feel of the website submission. Taking into account the above points, your selected website submission should not only have an appealing look, but also meet your needs.

Even more important, it should incorporate fast response and portable styling, fast loading and optimized search engine optimisation. State-of-the-art website templates allow some customisation to fit into your current trademark. Note that customizing website templates should improve the look of the templates and does not involve a full overhaul. Site templates also provide a host of functions that are either very special to a particular market segment, such as a booking request page or photogallery, or very general functions that can be used across a number of market segments.

Think about what functionality you need from your website templates and remove all templates with functionality you don't need and will never use. Regardless of how "easy to use" or "easy to update", website templates pretend to be, they need to be backed up by a templates creator who provides assistance when you encounter them.

Select a style sheet whose designers clearly indicate that they provide client assistance by telephone, e-mail or on-line chats so you can upload and view your website as quickly as possible. Many of our templates come with 6 months of technical assistance that include the following: Answer your question about how to use the submission.

Answers to a number of related subject-matter (and third parties' assets) related to the object, such as answers to a number of related queries on the object's characteristics and functions, instructions on how to design the object, assistance with problems related to the use of the object and the optimal use of its functions, etc.

Helps with issue errors or third-party asset integration, such as bug reports and small items problems. We do not offer topic adjustments, article setup, web host, web site environments or customization, or help from third-party asset writers. If you need adaptation or install assistance to help you customize the templates to your unique needs, we suggest you check with Envato Studio's expert development and development team.

We have two major website template categories that you should consider for your commercial website. These are static or HTML templates and WordPress templates. Standalone website templates include website templates that predominantly use a HTML and a CSS mix to view the look and feel of your website; and JavaScript to include extra functionality such as a slide show or forms validator.

Structural page templates have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Website Static Template Pros: Reduced requirements - Because static templates don't use PHP or a MySQL type data base, they can run on a less expensive low-resource servers, reducing the cost of hosted services. Website Static Template Fraud: No updates - Unless you are comfortable with HTML/CSS, static website templates can be very hard for novices to upgrade, which is often reflected in a developer's attitude even for basic work.

If your company is growing and you want to include a function to your website like a shop, you need to engage a development team to do it for you. Cost - Even though website templates are quite inexpensive, they can quickly turn out to be quite costly if you need a lot of changes and upgrades.

Well, now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of static website templates, it's noteworthy when a static website templates makes a smart decision. Static website templates are a great option if you're completely sure you don't want to refresh, modify or append anything new to your website, or if you know how to encode and make changes to your website yourself.

If you don't have the amount of patience or resource to create contents for a corporate blogs, a static submission is the better use. This is a favorite static website submission - Pillar, which has a built-in page Builder that helps you create a wide range of HTML pages:

WorldPress is a Content Management System (CMS). CMS like WordPress is created with the PHP and MySQL languages for the base that contains all your information. There are more elements in a WordPress document than in a page layout. Reach all these elements and set up your website via the WordPress API, adding plug-ins and managing your website.

Let us now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress. Simple to Refresh - Thanks to an intuitively designed graphical environment, WordPress makes it simple for you to build or refresh pages on your website. Professionals Templates - There are hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can use on your website, and most of these templates come with an easy-to-use surface that lets you modify colours, type, layout and more with just a few simple mouseclicks.

Unbelievably powerfull - WordPress has a vast collection of plug-ins that you can use to further enhance the features of your website, such as: add a Contacts page, add a Booking system, add a Photogallery and more. Learning-While WordPress is simple to use, it will take a while for most novices to become acquainted with the game.

Yet the web is full of useful ressources that focus specifically on WordPress. Servicing - If you use WordPress, it is very important to keep it up to date, as well as any topics and plug-ins you have on it. Either do it yourself or use a WordPress hosted service provided by a WordPress host who will take you there.

This is the most favorite WordPress topic on the Envato market (Avada) because of its versatile styling and comprehensive options: WorldPress is a good option if you want to simply refresh your website at any time. And if you're planning to use your e-commerce strategies to drive your company forward, WordPress makes even more sense by allowing you to launch a web site and expand your e-mail lists with ease.

Find out how to set up a WordPress topic, launch a corporate blogs, and explore other great WordPress topics for businesses: Templates for web designs and WordPress topics can help you spend less and less hassle when creating a website. The choice of the right website templates for your site will depend on many different considerations, many of which have been discussed in this article.

Going to the rules should be to pick one that has an appealing look, great ease of use, and all the functions you need. This way, you can focus on the growth of your company instead of wasting too much of your precious resources making your website work. Learn more about the full range of website templates on Envato Market for even more advanced choices.

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