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In case you have problems with Squarespace failures with the service or website, please check here if the server is operational. Square room status 29 June 2018 18:33 UTCWARN10 minutesConnectivity IssuesIdentified - We investigate connection problems associated with most Squarespace locations. 08 June 2018 00:58 UTCDOWN6 minutesBilling and CommerceInvestigating - Our payments provider currently has a purchase problem...

.. 22 May 2018 02:04 WATER CONTROL OPERATION approx. 2 hoursField storage maintenanceIn process - Planned service is currently in process.

Square space failure and server status

In case you have a problem with Squarespace failures with the site or website, please verify here that the servers are operational. Square Space provides its clients with an excellent opportunity to create a website with ease and many other related activities such as domain names, web site hosting to enable smooth development.

How is your Squarespace servers status at the moment? One of the major troubles with the services is not logging in, failure due to bugs such as a 502 bath gateways, or perhaps you are having difficulty contacting Squarespaceupport. In case you have any problem with the services, please log in below, you can also view and answer other customer related questions.

Here is why my website never goes down.

I am in my fifth year of using Squarespace for my website Hosting. Except it's a Squarespace page. The place has its place together. Last weekend I received an e-mail from Squarespace telling me that their server was in Lower Manhattan and that there was a shortage of gas for their last one.

So I had a few hrs up to my page, and all Squarespace pages got stuck in electricity. Well done, Squarespace Squad. Just over a month ago I sent one of the most tricky e-mails Squarespace has ever sent to our clients. Peer1, our datacenter in Manhattan city centre, was hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy that it went into complete failure despite several fail-safe backup units.

Sandys tidal wave devastated our reserve petrol reservoirs and our facility facilities, flooding many of the city's inner-city properties. You may be familiar with the fact that this was a historical and unparalleled windstorm for the whole tri-state area, causing the biggest blackout in the Con Edison story. I' m proud to inform you that Squarespace clients had zero down-time related to the blackout during this time.

Those of you who didn't follow our update, the Squarespace, Fog Creek and Peer1 staff members raised 17 steps by hand for three whole day to conserve our alternator, while an intermediate power source and pumps were in place. Our commitment to providing our clients with continuous services has been documented by a number of titles such as All Things D, BetaBeat, Computerworld, Fast Company, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Pando Daily and The Verge.

Now we have a working system of pumps that delivers enough petrol to the rooftop alternator, more than enough local petrol and a superfluous road alternator that has been plugged in and field proven since last evening. We still couldn't get our house plugged into the Manhattan electricity network because the two basement floors of the house were immersed in 30 ft waters, which took four whole day to be pumped out.

As soon as we start our regular business we will publish further up-dates. Last summers we launched a geographical redundancy business development scheme and anticipate that it will go live in early 2013. Taking the responsibilities for operating the hundred thousand of Squarespace locations very seriously.

On our home page it says that our scaleable, dependable clamp infrastructures prevent down-time, and our clients around the globe rely on us to keep their sites up and running. Thanks for being all Squarespace clients - with your ongoing assistance we can keep fighting for great designs, stunning product and outstanding customer care.

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