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Floor Android theme

But it is a good starting point if you do not have Android shares. Makes your Galaxy S7 more like Stock Android. Whilst Samsung has been spending the last two years reducing the number of changes it makes to Android with its TouchWiz user interfaces, it may still be a little too much for some. No matter if you are fond of Samsung hard ware, but loathe the softwares, or just want an Android gaming sensation on the Sony 7 or Sony 7 Edge, it only lasts a few moments to bring Google's Android styling to your phone.

Remember, however, you won't be able to substitute every facet of the Samsung interface with a standard Android look, but you can be quite near it. Samsung' s Galaxy line has a theme shop where visitors can find topics to meet their own taste. Be it a casual robotic theme, featuring robot-inspired application icon, wallpaper, sound and writing, or a theme that imitates Google's material designs that the corporation uses in its own applications and on Android equipment.

On your Galaxy S7, open the theme stores and browse for "Material". We have a few topics based on materials that are available free of charge. Just set up each one, type around and find one that works for you. To make your S7 look more like an Android phone, the simplest way is to get the Google Now Launcher installed.

After installing the application, open it and obey the instructions to choose the Google Now Launcher as your standard home page application. If the Google launch is enabled, you can find fast Google Now accessibility by swinging to the right on the top menu. Of course, Stock Android is full of Google's own applications, while the Galaxy S7 is a mix of Samsung and Google applications.

Substitute Google for applications like Samsung's calendars and web browsers. Here is a sitemap with some of the applications you want to download and install: Applications such as Calendars, Messengers, and Photos need to be defined as standard applications. This can be done under Settings > Device > Applications.

A few applications and optimizations can turn your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge into a phone that looks very similar to one of Google's Nexus handsets and not Samsung's TouchWiz surface.

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