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You can find the best free stock images on this topic. Introduction to Stock Photography for WordPress Since years there is only one possibility to buy stock photography: Make deals with a large, company-owned stock photo enterprise. They had no option but to be at the service of a company's changing policies and requirements. We have therefore decided to create an attractive alternatives to the top-down photo industry.

New WordPress theme, Stock Photo, turns your website into a stock photo company. Administer your inventory, blogs and stock photo businesses from a single location. An aerodynamic design that saves you a ton of hours; enjoy your holiday on an extravagant isle like the chef you are. You have been an anonymized cogwheel for years that helps stock photo companies get larger and larger.

Now you own the company and the trademark. They' gonna buy your paintings and call your name off the roofs in a jiffy. If you run an on-line store, Google will decide who is and who is not well known. Stay with company photographers and your name and pictures could end up on page six or page ten.

Utilize our Stock Photo theme and have the WordPress semiantic force behind you. Today there are websites for every interest you can think of, yet stock photo websites are far behind. Our new WordPress theme lets you build a website for a particular kind of stock photograph. You can, for example, set up a location-specific stock photograph website, such as Washington D.C. Stock photography.

" Maybe you would like to have a special page and choose the specialty " Surfende Stockfotografie ". Your pictures will not be thrown into the same pot with thousand of independent pictures as on other stock exchange pages, and your website will climb higher in the ranking of your destination city. Quit doing deals with other businesses that price your pictures and earn you 20-70% on every stock photo you buy.

Define your own rates with the theme Stock Photography and keep 100% of the turnover. We' ve invested a lot of research and develop a lot of money into the Stock Photography theme and filled the theme with many great things, among them: Extended Search - Find pictures by keyword, by pricing, by collections, by license conditions or by alignment.

Light Box - Store pictures in a light box and easily save and view them with your friend, relatives or customers. Collection - Organize pictures into collection, such as outdoor, human and sporting. Since the Stock Photography theme is integrated with the plug-in Stock Photography, you can use any of the enhancements for Stock Photography to improve the website functions.

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