Stock Photo website Template

Photo Stock Website Template

Stoky contains page templates for some of your most important pages. Floor photo react to Magento theme. Site templates are a very common application for stock photos.

{\pos (192,210)}Stocky - Un marché de la photographie d'entreprise Thème par la société du groupe du d'igncrumbs.

Stocky is based on WordPress and simple digital downloads and allows you to yourselves your photographs just as to yourselves on every gigantic on-line market place.... You can not only resell your product, but with the available enhancements in the Free Marketing Bundle you can allow anyone to post their photo and resell it through your website.

Together with the free Easy Digital Downloads plug-in, your website can be run as a standalone e-commerce website. However, in combination with the available chargeable enhancements in the Marketingplace Bundle, you can allow anyone to post their pictures and resell them through your website, making your website a fully-fledged marketing place.

Whilst it is still in alpha stage, you can use our downloadable lighting room tag keys to get the plug-in tag. After activation you will find the configuration under Services > Configuration > Extensions. It extracts Adobe Photoshop headwords from your pictures and uses them as archiving tag in your WordPress installation.

Stoky contains page layouts for some of your most important pages. There' nothing in particular you need to do except post them under your page layouts. Supplier Portfolio - The supplier pages show all articles of this supplier together with the supplier's name, member information and bio as well as a customer support request to directly connect with the customer.

Log in / Register - Login and registration pages in Stocky need no diversions. A single template and a huge wallpaper that you specify in your topic settings. Contacts - Do you have a geographical address or telephone number where your clients can reach you? The template receives this information forward and in the middle.

Added in version 1. 2 - User-defined headers for vendors. oEmbed video can substitute the presented picture options. Just up-load your pictures to the mail and Stocky will create a photo galleries on the site for you. Front-end submissions allow a user to record and resell their items on your website.

Using previews, your clients can give a feedback together with a ratings of your product. Using Wish List your clients can easily generate wish list and checkout. They are not part of the marketplace package, but will do miracles for your website! The Relevanssi application adds download tags and categories to the standard WordPress searching capabilities.

Watermark for downloading pictures sets watermark to your example pictures on the downloading page automatic. In order to find your purchasing key, go to your downloading page, click on "License Certificate" for the topic you wish to receive assistance on, open the document and search for the "Item Purchasing Key".

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