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Search no further than the thousand of your favourite photographs taking up room on your computer disk. Choose your best pictures and turn them into cash by reselling them on stock photo webpages. Microsoft Microstock" means the amount of Microsoft payment that the site charges the customer for these pictures - payment that is forwarded to the photographer who took them.

Many websites begin their picture prices at just $1 for the smallest screen format, with the cost rising with them. Stock microsites like or make it simple for those passionate about photography to begin to sell their photographs on-line. After approval as a participant, most stock microsites do not bill the photographer to add photographs to their portfolio.

Instead, the pages take a percent of each sale. Initially you can only make 15% of each picture you sell, but often this number can be as high as 50%, especially if you are willing to sell your pictures exclusive to one page. Three years later she was able to give up her company employment and now earn a full-time salary by the sale of stock photographs.

It is also co-founder of Everything microstock, a website that helps novices take and sell photographs. There is a resource guide and an amazing table of those stock micro agency websites deserving to be viewed. The photographer Rich Legg had a similar feeling to Snow's. In 2005 he came to iStock and in January 2008 the sale of stock pictures was his major revenue-generator.

Starting to set small incremental monetary targets - paying his web subscription fee each month, paying for his website and domains - he set himself the target of paying his web site's web site's web site's monthly rent from his stock picture purchases by the end of 2007. Their stock photograph inventory is no place for iPhone photographs.

Instead, you should be investing in a high-quality digicam. We recommend that you use a point and shoot type remote controlled DSLR that allows you to adjust your SLRs. "She says your cameras must be able to take crisp pictures." Every image entered into iStock is reviewed by humans before it is authorized and published on-line.

He also works as an imaging supervisor for Getty Images owners of iStock and emphasizes the importance of knowing the specifics of your cameras so you can capture technical accurate pictures. The development of a diversified and resilient product range is vital as the sale of microphone stock is a numbers game. What's more, the sale of microphone stock is a numbers game. What's more, it's a numbers play. Legends recommend that you set a target for how many pictures you will be uploading each week, month, or year.

He aims at 50 to 100 pictures per months, which is reduced compared to the 200 pictures per months he initially posted. Each photographer recommends that you take into account the many possibilities of using your pictures commercially and use all links to different sectors. "Looking into your realm of control and see what you have at your fingertips," Legg proposes.

Keep in mind that in stock photography, generics is best. "We can' have any recognisable marks on your photos," Legg said. Photographs with persons or real estate must have a permission of ownership prior to the sale of the photograph. "Don't lose sight of the fact that besides photographs, websites often offer sound and videoclips and illustrations," Snow added.

The only way to go is microstick? Whilst Snow and Legg are selling exclusive on the microphone stock website, David Seaver prefer to have more complete command of his pictures and revenues. Selling stock photographs directly from his website, Seaver quickly admits that stock photographs are not a big part of his job.

In the past, he has also contacted photo publishing directly and suggested checking their web sites for photoguidelines before addressing the editorial staff. "He said there could be a fair for pictures of everything." It' your turn: Did you sell your pictures as stock pictures? Recently she moved to Cape Cod with her man and likes to photograph (not yet for sale) the beautiful nature that envelops her.

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