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The most popular investment app for OS X is Stock + Pro. Stockplus is the financial planner, financial advisor, target planner and Broking & Advisory Services. Our relationships are with thousands of photo buyers and agencies looking for fresh material. Share price for ePlus inc.

The PLUS Investment & Stock Information.

Stocks + Pro | The Mac Investment App

Stocks + Pro is the most favorite OS X application for investments. Stock + Pro is engineered to be simple for novices to use, while it packs sophisticated utilities for experienced vets, and will help you know exactly what's happening with your portfolios. Our interactivity charting, clear and concise newscast, real-time StockTwit feedback and high performance alerting all come together to make your investments simple and entertaining.

Even create your own scrollable stock market sticker right on your own screen or menu bar! Extremely simple user friendly configuration. Of all the stock applications out there, this is the best I've ever used. NEW: User-defined watch lists allow you to group shares. NEW: Use the Inspektor window to delve more deeply into a particular inventory.

NEW: Easily create, edit and edit watch lists from one Mac to another with a single click. NEW: Sets several RSS and Atom-Newsfeeds. The Stock + Pro 3 is the perfect match for your Mac. Easy-to-use control elements make it easy to find the information you need. Stock + Pro's core is an easy-to-use grouping system that allows you to create your own collection of shares, indexes, funds as well as currencies.

Easily choose more than one guard list from the side bar to build a super-watch list. It is very useful if you want to quickly match a group of equities against a group of indexes or see mix over sector heats. Stockholm + Pro v3 presents a brand new charts ingine, which gives historic information in nice details.

Choose two or more shares to build comparative graphs or apply engineering superimpositions to help track trend. They can even toggle and display the thermal map of chosen watch lists. Generate warnings for certain assets or generate generics that can be used for several different assets. Email, listen to music, use the messaging centre, or a mix of all three! and enjoy reading messages.....

" Include RSS and Atom feeds to create a customized newsgroup. You' ll love to read an article in a distracted readers mind that removes all the hassle banners and side bars you see on web sites... andtockTwits! Look what genuine folks say about equities and measure the mood that prevails.

The Stock + Today widget gives you easy and comfortable acces to the latest stock quotes. Stocks + Pro has a hit toner ribbon that will run directly on your desk or menu bar. Customise your font, colour, resize, scroll rate, orientation, content and more with your personal treadmill.

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