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New WooCommerce Starter Tutor 2016 - Storefront Theme (Full Version) This WooCommerce beginner's guide to Storefront will teach you how to set up your e-commerce shop from start to finish. For this WooCommerce-tournorial we use an e-commerce-theme storefront. You can buy the whole thing in this WordPressutorial. Those are affilateinks, which means when you buy something, I get a provision.

And you can come as well: we're here for you: WooCommerce & Wordpress support:

The WooThemes launches storefront, a free WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration - WordPress Taverne

The WooCommerce community has recently gone through five million WooConf hits, just before the WooMedia team launched the first WooConf at the beginning of this year. WooCommerce was the only topic of the event, which was fully booked with 300 participants. Based on the overall popularity of the plug-in and its many commercially available enhancements, the WooThemes people are now turning to the sale of theme enhancements for the new WooCommerce Theme.

Storefront ended last weekend in the WordPress Themes Directory and already has three commercially available enhancements. Though the topic seems to be very simple, it is intended as a point of departure involving in-depth WooCommerce integrations. The Storefront has been conceived to be slim and expandable and is an example of the evolution of WooCommerce theme standard.

This topic does not contain slider controls, short codes or page builder, but serves to encourage a more module based design of e-commerce websites. Rather than throwing a lot of features into the topic, WooThemes decided to use it as a basic basis for setting up WooCommerce ventures. Doesn't mean the window front is totally naked.

Indeed, it contains an amazing set of choices integrated into WordPress' natively customizable tool. The Storefront is designed to be highly reactive and provides several widgets for further customisation, plus side bar, headers and four areas in the bottom. Watch the demonstration to see sample product and a user-defined headers. Use the Underscores launcher theme to create a storefront for underscores.

User can add a user-defined logotype by uploading Jetpack, as the theme contains supporting for the new location logotype function. WooTheme free Homepage Control plug-in makes it simple to change the look and feel of the presented WooTheme product, category, current product, sales item, favorite product etc. storefront also incorporates a deeper level of incorporation for the most beloved enhancements of WooCommerce, incorporating the following:

Topic creators who want to develop a product that integrates with these enhancements need look no further than the formal storefront theme. WooCommerce has developed Storefront with a view to transferability so that end consumers can change topics without loosing their contents. For this reason, they have decided not to add any additional features to the theme, as described in the upcoming releases announcement:

If you don't include these functions, you can use the plug-in you want to include them in, and when you change topics later, all these functions will be preserved. In this way, we believe that creating a storefront means that you are less likely or want to change, but at the same place you fully support the business opportunities that WooCommerce provides for theme creators around the world.

Since WooCommerce leads the WordPress e-commerce industry, this topic should help offer a default home page for designers who want to integrate the functionality of the plug-in and its enhancements with topics. And if the widespread use of the kernel plug-in and its enhancements is an indicator of this, the introduction of Storefront should speed up the process of creating new design and encourage designers to develop new product for the topic.

Take a look at Storefront on GitHub or download it from

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