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WooCommerce Official Topic The Storefront is a WordPress theme for entrepreneurs and anyone who runs an online shop with integrated shop search, banners and promotional functions.

What makes WooCommerce better?

What makes WooCommerce better? Offer a free design that is specifically tailored to your needs! How do you make the subject better? It' s clear with almost 240,000 hits that WooThemes has taken it out of the woods with this free WooCommerce theme - and it's simple to understand why.

For a free theme, the functions it contains are pretty good. These are just a few of the many functions offered by the WooCommerce Theme Storefront: The Storefront Theme uses a zero inflation rate as already noted. Flatulence can be available in many forms, to include short codes and slider controls.

This is why Storefront has a very minimalist look and only gives you what you need. This is the fundamental general control that the storefront theme provides when you customize the look of your website when you use the theme. Storefront Theme also includes other plug-ins that you can deploy (such as the free Homepage Control plugin) and additional plug-ins that help you extend the functionality of your website, such as a plug-in named Storefront Designer.

There are a few additional control elements for the CSS of your storefront theme, included in this plugin: However, the disadvantages of this plug-in are more than one. It' s pretty much restricted in what you can actually do. Pricing for the Storefront Designer plug-in is $39 for use on a unique website for one year with upgrades.

You are not bound to use it; you can easily optimize all the styles you want to optimize, simply by exporting them and saving the source in your style sheet. More than 80% of the Storefront Theme items are under your command. Its advantage could also be seen as the greatest disadvantage. Featuring a minimum theme like this, which contains only the basics for building a WooCommerce-based website, the theme itself is hard to adapt for the WP-broker.

Since there are no control elements, a visitor must append text to the theme's custom style sheet (preferably in a sub-theme) to give the site a distinctive look. Also, with a down load number that is likely to hit 300,000 very soon, it is important that you make sure that your shop doesn't look like another shop with the same theme.

Better still, you don't have to be worried about having to know a unique piece of code from CSS in order to modify the appearance of your storefront theme. The use of this Storefront plug-in will help you to easily build the shop of your dream. Modify the fonts, sizes, and colors of your page titles with just a few simple mouseclicks.

Adjust the Storefront head colour or create your own wallpaper for the Storefront theme with less than five mouse clicks. The Storefront Theme can also be used as a storefront wallpaper. Modify the colour and translucency of all your website button.... and the listing continues from there. While we could still enumerate many more of these editing options that you can do to really highlight your website that runs with the storefront theme, we also fully appreciate this easyuth.

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