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ThemeZilla Floor Name WordPress Theme. The Storey is a flexible tool that allows you to stylishly communicate the history of your company, app, product or portfolio. Take a look at the features of the Wordpress Storey theme, read its reviews, see its screenshots and download it.

Varied designs

This is a multi-faceted and varied theme developed with your individual products, apps, company or portfolios in view. This is a multi-faceted and varied topic for your individual products, your applications, your company or your portfolios. The theme creates a stylish story that focuses on your products. Developed with countless customisation possibilities, it is a courseware to show everything that is peculiar to your company or your agencies.

Concentrate on your contents and Storey takes good care off the remainder. Simply design your button to correspond to the selected WordPress Customizing highlight or button color. Adjustment window makes it easy to change your design. We' ve added both organised and SCSS file PSDs to the theme so experienced editors can make extended changes.

Enhanced functions are integrated directly into the theme's main focus. Translation the topic into any desired languages with the supplied.po/.mo-file. There are no concealed charges for rough draft data. A PSD is provided for each extended customization you need. The topics are all based on the ZillaFramework, a robust code base that has been refined through 100 hrs of developing, debugging and iterating.

PPE: From 29 September 2017, you will no longer be able to buy topics on this website.

Wordpress Storey Theme - Review, Reviews, Preview, Demo & Download

The Storey is a powerful toolset that allows you to create a stylish story around your company, your application, your products or your family. Really a multifaceted WordPress biz topic. Developed for versatility - Adjustable headers and footers, highlight colors, hyperlinks and more make this a totally customisable theme. Automated Formattering - Widget enabled areas on the home page and blogs facilitate website adaptation and reformatting for website users of all levels.

Blog, Beautified - Post with or without extract and Storey takes charge of the style, completely with eye-catching type. Quick design response - Deliver an enhanced copy of your website to audiences using tables and portable gadgets. In order to see how well Storey is playing on different equipment, just give the demonstration a thump.

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