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Story WordPress can be purchased at ThemeForest. The Story - Thème créatif polyvalent et réactif de la response de la création de la société d'édition d'Editions vexeto. The story is a clear, concise and contemporary WordPress topic. Its design is very versatile and has some great functions such as a full-screen slide, user-defined header and user-defined backgrounds that make it ideal for presenting and promoting your work and your product. WordPress Story Topic is a multi-purpose topic that can be used for any kind of website, such as create portfolios, photograph, products, company and commercial pages.

Combining reactive styling with palladium animation, this topic offers an optimum visual sensation and makes your website look great on a variety of equipment and display screens. It comes with a comprehensive administration control panel that comes with several different features so you can change your style, color, fonts, layout, and other aspect of the look and feel.

A full-screen slide control with many adjustment possibilities is included in the design, the slide control has three major layouts: Wallpaper / Spot colour layout: Brief text with various text passage and text position changing and text colour changing functions.

Two field layouts ( text + image): The available layouts are horizontally (left text, right and right images and right images, right text) and vertically (top text, bottom images and top images, bottom text). There are also features to modify all important typographic preferences such as type families, type sizes, text colors, etc.

Landscape sliders - display more than one picture in a landslide, supporting mass up-loading. Configure the style for each sheet and merge all different styles into a single page control. You can also use the sliders to deeplink, so you can hyperlink to a particular slides and auto-play function - you can see it in operation here.

The Story contains a versatile AJAX Portfoliogallery with fantastic jQuery Animation and JQuery effect, with many choices for its elements. There is also an AJAX page and categories filtering feature in the galery for better article organization. You have the possibility to choose one of the following clicks for every element of the gallery:

Open a picture slide dynamic (full-width or two-column layout) with a beautiful jQuery motion containing extra pictures appended to the element (mass download - you can load many pictures with a click). There are also many choices that the galery offers, some of them as well: Part loading in slide bar - load pictures in the backround onto parts for quicker speed.

Socialsharing - the gallery's slide control screen offers easy access so you can simply post your item pictures to the most favorite online communities - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The Story application provides different backgrounds for the different pages. It' s fast reacting, so it works and looks good on different device sizes - desktops, cell phone and tables.

In addition, the slide control of the Hauptgalerie sliders support fingers, making it very simple to browse between pictures on your keyboard. Design features include choices to modify all major themes colours, such as headline, body, sidebar und bottom, backgrounds and text colours, so you can create your own skins with your favourite colours with ease.

See the Topic Customizer section for all the colour options, so you can get a real-time view of the colour change. Its design contains a peculiar collection of icons that allow you to paste the various items directly into your area. This topic introduces para-laxe effect in various items and parts, such as

The Story comes with a one-click demonstration importer that lets you simply extract all important dates, items, and style from the topic demonstrations (main demonstration and all minidemos). We' ve integrated retinal screen optimization enhancements for all major themes of the subject so that they look crisp on retinal screens.

The Story also contains three different faders that can be integrated on different pages: Contents fader - in each foil you can adjust: foil outlay including:: The Fade Viewer - can be used as a fader for the head area of the home page, as a fader for galleries or as an embedding in the contents of contributions and pages.

Design comes with standard Megamenu assistance, you can simply enable one Megamenu per higher -level level point. It comes with comprehensive tutorials, samples, screen shots, and all the important information you need to make your site fit. In addition, we have added a "Getting Started" section that contains some useful WordPress working tips and tutorials on how to set up the topic.

Easily modify the page layouts - you can select for each page: Treat the WordPress 4 completely. Coming WordPress 4. All common words are divided into different taxionomies, which means that it changes the identifiers of these words in the data base. Doing so may impact the topic items that save reference to the term identifiers.

This topic updates the topic to reflect the fact that when you split terminology, the topic changes all credentials from the old to the new id. Be sure to refresh the design before upgrading WordPress to 4.3 once it is published, as the word division will take place during the WordPress upload.

Added: A new demonstration (agency) in the Story " Import Demonstration section. Added: Auto -play function for the inner full screen slide bar. Solved: Some problems with WordPress 4 coming soon.

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