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is a step ahead of a "premium" WordPress theme. Upload the Striking Premium WordPress Corporate Template now. Distinctive MultiFlex & E-Commerce Responsive WP Theme - WordPress  A: Any questions that come from someone who has bought a copy of Striking should be asked in our technical forums. We have a browseable user forums, which provides a better user experience and enhances our capacity to deliver prompt technical assistance by not having to waste our resources repeatedly replying to the same questions.

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Distinctive interior design, corporate, industrial WordPress theme of Jthemes

Striking WordPress was specially developed for interiors and business clients. It' a WordPress document that is intuitively quick to respond and very simple to use. This Striking WordPress theme provides a broad set of functions that improve the website building process:

You can use this tool to build portfolio-specific websites for businesses and private people. It provides several page choices for different pages and integrates headers and footers styles into the Contacts page, which can help provide several working positions. Using the powerful graphical pull and dropdown tool, you can simply and effectively build classic and stylish websites without affecting website efficiency.

Distinctive theme - by Kaptinlin

The Striking is a stepping stone before a "premium" WordPress theme. "Super Premium", high-performance and versatile, Striking uses exceptional encoding and encoding that far exceeds the expectation of a pure "premium" theme. If you want to make the most of it, Striking is the topic you go to. It offers the most choices of any available theme and also has the greatest adaptability and versatility.

To please all humans all the while is a apparently unattainable task, but Striking does it. Skilled designer will find a plethora of materials to use and produce a work of amazing complexities. is a WordPress theme that really does justice to its name. The Striking is fully compliant with IE7, IE8 and IE9, FireFox 3, FireFox 3.5, FireFox 3.6 and Firefox 4, Safari 4 and Safari 5, Opera, Chrome 4 and Chrome 5, WordPress 3.0 and WordPress 3.1.

Captinlin is an elite writer devoted to delivering world-class, committed technical assistance for every topic he designs. He is not only practical, but has also built a fellowship that aims to provide help and assistance to other Striking people.

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