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The StudioPress Agency Pro is best suited for creating websites for agencies. Leverage the features to be up and run in just a few moments and begin customising your new website with just a few simple mouseclicks. Leverage the features to be up and run in just a few moments and begin customising your new website with just a few simple mouseclicks. Select from a variety of ready-made template to create your website: Using the Customize Theater, you can customize the preferences, colors, background pictures, and contents of the Theater and see a live previewer of these changes.

Create your website with 3 home page widgets that you can customise to your own unique style. The design is portable, so your website will be optimised for every type of web browsers, devices and monitor sizes.

Make your visitor a customer with Agency Pro for Genesis

That means that with every print you make, there' s always plenty of free space on the site, as well as upcoming traffic and possibly even earnings. One of the children's topics for Genesis 2.0, Agency Pro does this for you by giving your guests a clear sense of trust and expertise. More and more even utility related research projects such as research on services are being carried out with portable equipment.

An Agency Pro typeobile response topic helps prevent the bad look of a desktopsite on a portable display. Agency Pro is not only portable and has HTML5 mark-up, but also the following features: Watch the demonstration to see how Agency Pro can instantly begin to create better first experiences for your website.

The StudioPress Agency Pro review by our professionals

Are you looking for a WordPress agency topic?

Agency Pro allows you to customise your homepage with three homepage widgets. It' a kid topic of the Genesis StudioPress frameworks, so you need both the Genesis and Agency Pro kid themes to make it work. Subordinate design will inherit all functions from its superior design.

The use of a sub-style on your website will help you refine it without having to worry about loosing it after you update the sub-style. Find out more about why you need a kid topic. Genesis has a solid coding and is designed to be quick, easy and versatile. Like any other Genesis children's topic, Agency Pro has an appealing look with built-in functions such as layout, breadcrumbs, and numerical browsing.

There are three customisable areas of Agency Pro homepage contents. Now you can browse to the widgets section of your design to create your homepage and browse to it. All you need to do to refresh your contents is simply move your favorite Widgets to these Widgetareas using your favorite mouse clicks. The following broadget areas can be found in the Agency Pro topic.

Topic comes with 2 side strips - primarily and secondarily. Top Home: This Widget can be used to attach a welcome notice with a distinctive call to trade, and it will appear above the folding of your home page. Allows you to release your portfolios in this Widget Area. The Agency Pro provides support for three footer lines. The contents in this Widget Area are displayed after each entry.

The best place for advertising your banner, creating your e-mail lists, etc. is in this section. The Topic Preferences allows you to set the standard website design for your website. Agent Pro also allows you to customize the look and feel of each article and page. Like most StudioPress themes, Agency Pro comes with a target page style sheet.

With Agency Pro you can integrate page-related scripting into your design with ease. There are also infinite possibilities for the colour of the wallpaper. You can also get a full listing of excerpts of code for the Genesis Foundation that you can use to further refine your design. The Agency Pro is available for a one-time sales charge that allows you to use the subject on an infinite number of websites.

They also get limited e-mail technical assistance. The StudioPress is known for the quickness and reliability of its usersupport. The StudioPress topics are quick, optimised for searching engines, lightweight, quick to react and simple to use. For Agency Pro enthusiasts, invest in the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Pack. Get immediate APL to ALL StudioPress topics, complete with technical assistance and upgrades.

Bundle contains over $1,700 in value of Premier WordPress theming, for a one-time charge of $499.95. The StudioPress Agency Pro is best for building agency and start-up Web sites. The design is simple to use and offers just enough adjustment possibilities - without the flatulence of many other premier topics.

It is based on the Genesis frameworks, which is quick, easy and well encoded. And the best part is, for a one-time charge, you get unrestricted access to our unrestricted technical resources and upgrades. We' re giving StudioPress Agency Pro 4.

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