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The Studiopress code excerpts

This is a list of code snippets I use when developing websites with the Genesis Framework. Beymer has published a super code excerpt in the Genesis Facebook Group. Genesis Code Snippets Collection These excerpts were obtained from the "Suggest a Tutorial" page on the right-hand side of the website. When you have an ideas for a new tutorial or excerpt, please suggest something. The following code adds a checkbox under Genesis > Topic Setting to activate or deactivate teleaser speakers and after how many contributions you want to be shown completely in front of the teleaser speakers.

References for Genesis Topics Designers

Frequently, I want to build a user-defined mail with an associated side bar. Such as a side bar for lessons that is only displayed in lessons and programs (an associated taxonomy). This is a basic plug-in that does just that or provides a foundation for customizing. It is also possible to copy the code directly into your functions.php files.

Show plug-in code or donwload plug-in. There are a few points to note: The plug-in provides some gender functions for the post-type Lessons. Annotate the feature (s) you don't need or just remove this block:'genesis_init','child_lessons_theme_supports' );'lesson','genesis-cpt-archives-settings','genesis-layouts','genesis-seo','genesis-scripts', )); The plug-in also will remove the post-meta and mail infos by default. Just add a few comments to the list of available options.

Erase this code if you wish: gender_before','child_remove_lesson_meta', 11 );'lesson','genesis-entry-meta-before-content');'lesson','genesis-entry-meta-after-content') ;

Genesis code excerpts that can be downloaded and searched

Updated: The excerpts are now here: Throughout this time I have saved many code snippets and always reference them, mainly from the StudioPress website in nvALT. I' ve now organised my code snippet compilation by dragging it from nvALT into a unique TiddlyWiki HTML page and splitting it with everyone here:

Please notice that a click on "X" in the upper right corner of every infant does not erase it, but only close it - only in your web page. Likewise, while other features like the addition of new kiddlers and settings seem to be available to you, they only affect your web browsers and can't change the ones I hotel in my Dropbox open folders.

The html above can be downloaded to your computer so that you can reference the clippings off-line and/or include your own commonly used Genesis/WordPress clippings. Simply click on the downlaod icon, open it in a web browsing application and insert or delete "infants" as you wish.

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