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Studio Press is a Wordpress content creator that creates high-quality content optimised for small businesses market. reviews topics are in many ways optimised for the small businesses market. First and foremost, all StudioPress topics are structured around the Genesis Framework, which brings many benefits to Wordpress emailing, such as powerful HTML5 editing and responsive HTML5 editing.

Genesis Framework can be obtained in 1 of 3 ways from StudioPress. Most StudioPress Childrens Child themes can be bought for approximately $100. Your order will include your selected design, the Genesis Framework and unrestricted update and technical assistance. StudioPress topics have a slim and contemporary look, which makes them a good option for any small company dealing with art or tech.

Purchase the Pro Plus Bundle ($399.95) StudioPress provides full thematic coverage for about $400, although we're not sure how many topics they are, as StudioPress doesn't seem to be listing the number anywhere on its website. As it looks on the All Topics page, it's about 50.

That' about 8 $/theme + the Genesis Framework and Support, which is a fairly good bargain if you're in the development bargain. If you are enthusiastic about creating your own children's topic and want help from the Genesis Framework, you can buy it for about $60 alone.

StudioPress all-in-one topics and the Genesis framework can offer small businesses compelling and streamlined email advertising tools. Their Pro Plus bundle is also quite inexpensive for full Wordpress developer. All in all, we rate 4.3/5.

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