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The Studiopress Designers

is a full-service design studio specializing in custom WordPress pages based on the Genesis framework. At the moment we're primarily using the blogs to announce topic release, but we're planning to open this up to integrate some things like WordPress tips, featured sites based on Genesis, and much more. At the moment we're primarily using the blogs to announce topic release, but we're planning to open this up to integrate some things like WordPress tips, featured sites based on Genesis, and much more. Of course, we will also be publishing a number of new children's topics.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion about the new website by posting a review below, or use it as an occasion to ask for functionality on topics you would like to see.

Minimalistic Designers

StudioPress' latest Genesis Mobility Enhanced Life Story Blogs themed. It' s been a while since our StudioPress staff worked on a magazine-style topic, especially because we had a lot of them and the topics were very popular with companies and agencies. Instructions for the presented contents about the Gutenberg WordPressditor.

While Gutenberg's evolution goes on, our StudioPress staff is following the evolution carefully. Presenting your service and your portfolios is important, so I thought it would be useful to include the best agent topics for the Genesis Framework. An extensive tutorial for the creation of topic colour schemes. Many of you know that WordPress is in the process of designing a completely new type of authoring tool named Gutenberg, which presents a completely new way of releasing content: the block-level app.

Don't ever stop hearing.

We also exceeded our first big landmark of operating sites in September. Of course, when you introduce a new item, you should do everything you can to find out who your clients are and what they want before the item comes to sale. Sites were launched six month after, we started a CRM campaign using each and every one of the tools to help us better comprehend what our clients thought about sites.

First we used Hotjar heat maps, records and pop-up surveys to find out more about how prospective clients responded to the sites and what issues or worries they had about the products. And, of course, we have turned to current clients of sites, both current and deleted. In fact, we even asked five of these clients for further input.

Specifically, as far as websites are concerned, our client survey showed that some of the things our clients really liked about the websites did not get enough attention in our market. Almost all of our clients, for example, have said that the topics contained are one of the best things about sites. Instead of purchasing Genesis and a Genesis themes for more than $100 and having to set it up yourself, you can start right away with more than 20 pre-installed sites for only $27. When folks were talking about sites, the topics contained were almost always part of their descriptions.

Outside of the sites themselves, however, we found that while we knew our market and our offerings well, our website didn't do enough to help prospective clients find out which one they needed. Every WordPress fan knows it's a complex business - and if you've forgot, try to explain topics to your great-aunt at your next reunion.

With three different kinds of selling items that meet three different consumer needs, we need a website that leads prospective consumers to the right item for them. First of all, we rearranged the whole site structure and subdivided it into sections: one for each page, each topic and each Genesis. It will help clients know which item they are looking at, no matter where they are on the site.

In order to optically distinguish these segments, we have given each of our articles its own colour. ites is now light violet, our trusted blues represent themes, and the Genesis Framework is all blacks. In addition, we have revamped the site and Genesis logo to reinforce their position as core offerings. Since we have three areas of our website, we wanted the home page to be a welcome centre that would orient new users and take them where they need to be.

This new homepage reflects the three-part navigational concept and is characterized by an essentially simpler visual and textual layout. However, the first results are promising: new locations have slightly risen in comparison to the last weeks and our overall turnover has risen. From the very first few dates, we already see areas that we can enhance, which hopefully will increase revenues over a period of years and give our clients a better customer experiences.

It' s about strategies, long-term tendencies and of course hearing and reacting to you, our clients.

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