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The StudioPress FM is designed to help creative entrepreneurs create the foundation for a powerful digital business. The StudioPress FM is designed to help creative entrepreneurs create the foundation for a powerful digital business. Jackie D'Elia Design on Custom Theme.

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Brian and Lauren are discussing their favourite memories and guest appearances on the show in this week's StudioPress FM first season showcast. Megan Gray, a keen - probably one of the most ardent - free-lance graphics artists I know, is joining us in this week's installment. Living on the outskirts of a Orange County in California she manages her own store, the House of Grays.

Jason Schuller, a web designers and doers, joins us in this week's installment. Bill Kenney is joining us for this week's series. An unshakeable obsession with the world of fashion began at a young age, but was refined during his decades in the trade. Bill is a proprietor who has acquired both the conceptual astuteness and commercial expertise necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

He is a co-founder and Artistic Director of Focus Lab. We' re in with Chris Lema this time. We' re in with Seth Spears this weekend. Seth' s firm (Spears Marketing) assists small businesses and blogs to create a dependable and lucrative web site that works... even when you're not working. We have the special privilege this weekend of speaking with a gentlemen who is not only a gifted member of the WordPress community...but the one in charge.

Cory Miller joins us today. A former news reporter, Cory became a full-time businesswoman. He founded iThemes in 2008, which develops web conferencing and web conferencing solutions and provides innovative web conferencing education to tens of millions of clients around the world. He is a keen businessman who thinks he can find and maintain a job satisfaction (for himself and others) that is oriented towards your goal and play with your strength, talent and ambition while defying you to do great things with your world.

Brian and Jennifer Bourn from Bourn creative will accompany us in this week's series. You are a lively, imaginative salon that offers purposeful designs and appealing experience for companies that want to set themselves apart and move into the limelight. Bill Erickson is joining us for this week's series. A WordPress designer, businessman, husband, dad, skiing enthusiast, enthusiastic readers, gardeners and wine growers, Bill lives in Georgetown, TX.

We' re on this week's show with Carrie Dils. She is a WordPress designer, advisor, speaker as well as educator. Tonya Mork of Know the Code joins us in this week's installment. Food Blogging's business: Shay Bocks from the Feast Design Company are joining us in this week's show. Rebecca Gill from Web Savvy Marketing joins us in this week's installment.

As a WordPress designer, analyst (SEO) and general management consultancy. Earlier this Week we will be exploring Lauren's history and how she moved from Principal and Northbound Design's Emerging Content Director to Vice President of the seven-digit industry we call StudioPress. We' re focusing in this first StudioPress FM video clip on the history of the StudioPress creator, Brian Gardner, of a free course that will transform your attitude to digital media management....

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