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Shall I use the Genesis Framework from StudioPress? Somebody saw the toweet, clicking on the hyperlink, visiting the site and noticing that she was using StudioPress' Genesis publishing engine. Shall I use the Genesis framework? Since the old times, when the Genesis frame was implemented, the whole wide web has strongly evolved. Back then, the hit was frames - partly because theme designers used them to help them build many theme files more quickly than ever before.

If someone who is not necessarily a designer and doesn't intend to program a design for himself starts to buy a design for his website now - should he use a webframe? The StudioPress. Many articles out there already existed about the Genesis frameworks, and they will all guide you through a number of functions and advantages, like better SOE, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I want the page to look good - like all StudioPress kids-topics. It'?s not just to be. I don't begin to look over hundred of nice topics to see what draws me. In this way I profit from several dynamics: I can experience a Genesis page in 15 min and then concentrate on the contents.

Yet, if that's out of the way, I can return to my key goal, which often forces me to produce contents. However, I have done this, and more, and I can tell you that the most disappointing thing is to know that something is possible, but is not available to you because of the subject you are using.

Each Genesis site that I put together gives me all the different plug-ins that there are to optimize things - not just things I need, but also things my client might need later. Whether it's the basic societal symbols a client wants to include in his pages, or the possibility to set the date display via the easy edit plug-in, I know they are there and have been used by hundred thousand users.

Genesis and WooCommerce communicate with each other using the connecting plug-in. Now that I've converted my T-shirt shop to Genesis, I know their Infinity Pro themed stones! Please do me a favour if you look at your next topic on a market place or a special website for the sale of that topic.

Come back here and remember why I refer my StudioPress mates. Last year, I spend some of my free hours working with several StudioPress employees - from the top of the organization to the bottom (however you put it). If you try other themes providers, you will find some great things.

I find that the sources have not been processed for 2 or 3 years. It has been around for a long while and yet people there are still working to improve it. There is something to say about purchasing the Pro Plus All Subject Pack because you no longer have to foot the bill.

I' ll just go over there, record a children's topic and be up to date. If I take the cash I have spend and split it across all applications, I vow that I have spend less than $3 per topic on all pages. This is not the case for topic creators who are creating a topic, don't see enough momentum, and move on to another topic.

Now that I have a pile of small optimizations done on tonnes of websites, I use a piece of coding plug-in on each website and let fall what I need (and know what works). A lot of topics make a lot of fun and weird things on one page.

I can also rely on Genesis and my children's topics to make sure the emphasis is there. Today, every page I create uses either Beaver Builder (and its own design) or StudioPress' Genesis Framework.

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