Studiopress Genesis Framework

Genesis Studiopress Framework

When you want to create a WordPress page, there is a framework that you should have on your radar: Introduction of the Genesis Framework I' m very pleased to announce Genesis - an expanded thematic framework for WordPress. Genesis Topic Framework is based on a basic, custum blog-like umbrella topic and can be expanded by using sub-topics. Every sub-theme comes with its own home page, which makes expanding the superordinate topic very straightforward.

There will also be its own function filename. Don't be afraid, we have designed the Genesis framework to make your work on customising our topics just as simple - if not simpler. WordPress topic style files will still have WordPress native style codes, like our topic style styles do now.

What made us develop the Genesis themed framework? It' s a straightforward response - it will allow us to design and provide a range of professional-looking topics, with the easiness to base them all on a single sentence of kernel data sets. It will make it much simpler for those who use our topics.

As we began developing the Genesis framework, we considered that both new WordPress adopters and experienced WordPress programmers would use it. Furthermore, we have placed over 30 unique design icons to give experienced end user and plug-in developer the opportunity to work at different points in the design.

Genesis mother topic will be the basis for all our present and future topics. You' ll find that the demonstration site is a straightforward blogs topic - and from there it can be expanded with the use of sub-topics. Each sub topic includes its own style sheet, image directory, home, phone book, and features, a phone book that registers extra widgets and defines user-defined mini view size.

Have a look at the Durango Kid Topic for sale. When WordPress 2.9 was released, we created the Genesis themed framework to take advantage of the standard features of mail thumbnails. Meanwhile, we have added the option to show user-defined miniature picture sizes. Since Genesis is a framework on which many issues are constructed as Genesis develops, all children's issues arising from Genesis reap the rewards.

Genesis theming framework has 3 standard layouts available - Content/Sidebar, Sidebar/Content and Sidebar/Content/Sidebar. On the Topic Option page, this can be modified to give you the freedom to select the desired page layouts with all topics (Genesis Super Topics and all Sub Topics). As soon as we have introduced the Genesis framework, we will open a market place for children's issues - something that only starts as an invitation so we can build a good trial with people.

We were often asked if our topics were BuddyPress compliant, and so far we unfortunately had to say no. Genesis topic is expected to be released on February 1, 2010 - although we plan to make a Pro Plus All topic member alpha available for trial early/mid January.

Since November he has been working with us - and together we have created the Genesis framework.

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