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To be a prolific member of a fellowship is to help all others thrive and thrive as the fellowship has done and is doing for us. Throughout the years, we have remained faithful to this value in many ways, including sponsorship of several hundred WordCamps and WordPress Communities meetings, full financing of the world' number one editing independence for WordPress today, Torque, and direct contributions to WordPress Core.

Overall, our contribution to the WordPress fellowship in terms of spending more than $1.7 million in 2017 in terms of spending less or less in terms of spending less or less in terms of spending more or less in terms of spending more than $1.7 million in terms of spending more this year. StudioPress' Genesis is the most widely-used tool for experienced programmers to create nice, future-proof designs for WordPress.

The Genesis is known for being effective, quick and safe. Over 1 million WordPress site owners have used Genesis Framework as the basis for their websites, and tens of millions of designers as well as agency partners use it for their work. Genesis Fellowship effort to ensure the Genesis harvest team's excellence, style, and direction, particularly led by Brian Gardner and Nathan Rice, led the Genesis fellowship.

Over the past ten years, this global group of designers, technologists, engineers, as well as marketing professionals has done an outstanding amount of work to build, maintain, and evangelize the platform, and will continue to provide ongoing assistance through on-line fora, among them a community-funded Facebook group with nearly 10,000 members. Whilst StudioPress merits recognition for its invention and development of a rugged and easy-to-use tool, the Genesis Fellowship has propelled it into the leading role it has played for years.

We' ve taken over StudioPress to speed up the expansion of the Genesis frameworks and the lively communities that have sprung up around it. We' re starting with an investment in Genesis on an unprecedented scale. What is more, we' re looking at the future of Genesis. It includes investment in the technical effort behind the frame, investment in the development of new topics and investment in the business of the frame and the partner companies producing goods that sustain and depend on it.

It is our intent with this purchase to strengthen the Genesis Fellowship both by recruiting new staff to work on various facets of the frameworks and by expanding their fellowship activity, which will include such things as creating more possibilities for the fellowship to advance the development of StudioPress software, as well as extended ongoing Genesis related on-line fellowship services.

This includes the creation of new topics and more third-party topics that have been generated by the fellowship that are available on the StudioPress Web Publisher as well. Running one of the most important WordPress communites and technology, we also help the broader WordPress commune expand. It is our firm belief that we will help WordPress move forward in the broader arena by expanding good management through such an effective and efficient platform.

The Genesis project also plays an important support rollout part for Gutenberg, the new publishing platforms introduced in WordPress 5.0. There are many concerns about how Gutenberg will influence current plug-ins and topics, so Genesis can be used as an example of how Gutenberg can work outstandingly.

Directly promoting the WordPress Core objectives. Whilst the subject of the event will be changing, the concept of providing Core with topics and frames that further these endeavors is a win for the broader WordPress comunity. There will be extra resource in the Genesis frame to help us thrive and prosper. WordPress will see one of its most favorite frames of discussion, attracting even more visitors and fans.

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