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T Tutorials on customizing and modifying the Magazine Pro children's theme from StudioPress. Pro Review StudioPress Magazine from our professionals Magazines Pro is a nice WordPress magazine topic with many customization features to customize the contents of your homepage. It' s based on the quick and easy Genesis frame and provides many different layouts to use. This StudioPress Magazine Pro test helps you determine whether Magazine Pro is the right magazine topic for your website.

Magazines Pro is a Genesis children's topic from the StudioPress Genesis frameworks, so you need both the Genesis frameworks and the Magazine Pro children's topic on your website for it to work. Subordinate design will inherit all functions from its superior design. The use of a sub-design on your site will help you refine it without having to worry about loosing it after you update the sub-design.

Find out more about why you need a kid topic. Based on your website, Jenesis already serves over 500,000 WordPress pages. Comes with WordPress spool control and is a light WordPress topic that won't slower your website. Let's take a look at the StudioPress Magazine Pro functionality.

Contents of the homepage can be customized via the widgets panels in your WordPress Dashboard. Magazines Pro provides three broadly based areas of editorial support for your homepage. They can be adapted to your make. There are Homepage Widgets:: Home - Top: This widget area is displayed directly below the head area.

There is an item in this Widget section in the demonstration site. It' a great widget area to display your latest contributions or feature letters from a specific group. Items in this widget area are arranged in a horizontal order. These widgets appear directly above the bottom.

Items in this Widget section are organised in a vertical order. Besides the broadget areas of the homepage, the design provides two side bar and three Footer areas. You will also find two widgets areas in your widgets panels. It is displayed next to the page header and logotype.

It' best used to display a user-defined menus, find forms or text widgets. Just click on the text you want to display. Environments that are added to this section are shown after each entry.

Magazines Pro support the following layout. Besides the standard design, the design also provides 3 page styles. Magazines Pro also features two different modes, and you can choose which mode should appear at each time. pops up under the head of your website. The StudioPress also provides general Genesis context-related documentation, which includes excerpts of codes that you can use to further refine your design.

Magazines Pro is available for a one-time sales charge that allows you to use the topic on an infinite number of websites. The StudioPress is known for the fast and high level of usability. For those who like Magazine Pro, you can invest in the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Pack.

Get immediate control over all StudioPress topics, plus immediate coverage of technical issues, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Bundle contains over $1,700 in value of Premier WordPress theming, for a one-time charge of $499.95. Magazines Pro might be the best option for you if you are looking for a magazine topic that features many different widgetized contents areas on your homepage.

The best thing about it is that it is based on the Genesis frameworks, which are quick, easy and well programmed. We' re giving StudioPress Altitude Pro 4.

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