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The StudioPress Sites is there for you! The StudioPress pages are simple and flexible. Operating a successfull foods-blog means to wear many hats: head cook, blog-post writer and journalist, fotographer, taste testers, socially minded marketing people, buyers of groceries, managing directors...

and don't miss the washer!

Operating a successfull foods-blog means to wear many hats: head cook, blog-post writer and journalist, fotographer, taste testers, socially minded marketing people, buyers of groceries, managing directors... and don't miss the washer! Quickly start with the Genesis Framework and one of the supplied HTML5 topics - Foodie Pro by Shay Bocks includes - or use your own.

Server optimised for WordPress excellence means your nicely designed photographs are loaded and preferred in your results in a flash - no matter what schedule you use. That means that if your Pinterest cakes become virus free, your visitors will not be tapped and you will not be charged any surprises.

To say nothing of automated upgrades, SSL Certificate via Let's Encrypt, installation of the contained plug-ins with one click and easy set-up and deployment. Contains everything in the content schedule, but more performance for the sale of bodily goods, digitial downloading, member programmes and training sessions.


For years Studiopress has been an important actor in the WordPress fraternity with its flag ship, Genesis. I expected a certain amount of qualitiy from the StudioPress team. Once I learned they were providing a reasonably reasonably administered WordPress web site hoster. Had to see it for myself in that StudioPress Sites magazine.

This report looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using the new StudioPress Sites Manageraged Hosting Services. The fact that 20 of the StudioPress topics were contained made this a great advantage. Quick load performance" could have been quicker. I' ve got sites running quicker on a default SSD-VPS.

Contacting tech staff to activate a plug-in for my web site was a bit of a frustration. I am so used to StudioPress software being lightweight. The Genesis is known to be easy and quick. Directly after the setup of my StudioPress site (complete instructions below) I did a speed test on Pingdom Tools.

In my opinion, this was an important figure because StudioPress promotes "Fast Loading Performance". It would have been a little quicker, but without a plug-in in place, it's more than reasonable. Once you have set up your StudioPress site (instructions below), you will have full control over the WordPress Dashboard... and some extra features.

As you can see here, we will not immerse ourselves in the standard WordPressashboard, but concentrate on the StudioPress material. First, we have a look at the Site Tools under the title StudioPress in the dashboard. It will tell you if you have any idle topics or topic problems, as well as the possibility to take a quick picture of your actual topics.

But I don't see the true benefits for the snaapshots because they don't store your design preferences. StudioPress Software Monitor offers the same functions for plug-ins as for theming. The StudioPress Sites provides easy reference to many of the favorite topics that StudioPress has made. The StudioPress has an integrated partner plugin listing.

I didn't think about it at first sight... until I saw that OptinMonster was recorded? Even though I like ThriveThemes as my opt-in plug-in.... When OptinMonster is free on your StudioPress page, it's a big gain because it would normally charge you at least $108 a year.

Nicely performed, StudioPress.... Genesis SOE settings give you the option to adjust standard title, meeta description, meeta keyword, robotic meeta tag, and useless headers tag. Like my experience with StudioPress so far, I was expecting the set-up to be sleek and yet uncomplicated. As soon as you have created your StudioPress user interface and signed in to the DTP board, you will see a page similar to the one below.

We are now about to begin building our new website. Once you have completed these first few stages, you will need to link your new host to your own website. It' s basically as easy as administering your DNA entries to point to the StudioPress IP adress.

While we won't be able to show you how to do this because it will vary depending on your registration, StudioPress has tutorials for most common registration authorities. Once your Domainname distribution is complete, you can login to the WordPress Dashboard. At this point we see that StudioPress by standard has spread your new website with many articles and pages.

Because I know that StudioPress did this so you could see what the site might look like when it is filled with contents, my proposal would have an optional feature during set up to embed or not to embed demos. Once the flatulence has been removed, you will have a default WordPress install on moderate speed server. It didn't make me feel like I was being misled if the plugs (like OptinMonster) were contained just to take me to an affiliate site.

While I find StudioPress proud of its high performance server and "built-in coaching technology", I don't like not being able to enable and use a coaching plug-in. Using quickness as a ranker for Google and those who don't want to maintain it... I want my site as soon as possible.

I' m not sure what kind of coaching technologies their assistance referred to, as Pingdom Tools indicates the need to use browsers for coaching. StudioPress has been pleased to integrate 20 of its premier topics into the guestbook. I would say if you are considering buying one of their subjects and it is one of the 20 contained it may be just worth going for the facility as a whole.

Disliked the response from my native plug-in backup, I didn't have a telephone number for calling and discussing my optionsĀ . Here are my last thoughts about whether StudioPress Sites is really good value for it. Are you looking for a WordPress hosted under management site, then StudioPress Sites is for you.

When you have more technical know-how and can deal with your own, I would suggest getting the hosted with more flexible.

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