Studiopress Theme Setup

The Studiopress Theme Setup

The StudioPress tutorials will help you set up your Genesis website quickly and easily. Structure of children's topics - Genesis Framework A lot of those who use Genesis are interested in developing their own children's theories. So if you are new to theme developing or don't have much PHP, HTML or CSS expertise, a good way to study and begin creating your own customized theme is to begin with the Genesis Sample Children theme and change it to your favor.

Check out some of the below link to get a copy of the Genesis Sample children's topic and learn more about best practice and methodology in topic-building.

Installation of the Genesis Framework and a Kind Theme

There are a number of Genesis children's topics we are selling and often these topics are selling to folks who have never used WordPress before, let alone the Genesis frameworks. For this reason, many are a little bit daunted by the ideas of the Genesis frameworks and a children's theme. Also if you have never had a WordPress theme before.

The simplest is a " umbrella " concept that describes a high-level functionality " parents " theme. Children" is something that overlaps with the overarching theme. Children are generally termed skins. Subordinate design (or skin) generates the look and feeling perceptible to the end-customer.

In order for a subordinate design to work, it must have the higher-level element available. Due to this constraint, you first deploy the higher-level theme and then track it by deploying the lower-level theme. Kid sees parents and connects with them. Keep in mind - the installation of a Genesis theme is very similar to the installation of another WordPress theme.

Main different is the need to upload both super and sub topics and store them in your WordPress topics folder. This is what makes it very simple to reinstall both sets of data. There' really only one catcha you have to be worried about when you have the Genesis frameworks and a kid theme installed.

Installing the kid theme before the Genesis parents theme will drive everything mad. It is not possible to simply post the theme (after the sub theme) and hopefully everything will be fine. Erase both the children's theme and the Genesis theme and begin all over again.

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