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The StudioPress tutorials will help you set up your Genesis website quickly and easily. Understand StudioPress from basics to advanced techniques with online video tutorials conducted by industry experts. Newcomer to Genesis - StudioPress Tutorials There were a few things I didn't comprehend when I began using The Genesis Framework and StudioPress topics. I' ve created these Genesis Framework and StudioPress tutorials to help you setup your website with an even faster learn curve than I had it to. These two StudioPress tutorials may be useful to you, depends on your design.

However, some Genesis-based topics require less setup than others. Several StudioPress topics use a default blog-style list for the title page. Several designs use the Genesis grid loop, which displays your latest contributions in a raster format. That kind of theming requires less setup. However, there are some topics that use widgets on the home page, and these need to be setup, my StudioPress tutorials will help you.

It may also be necessary to create some Genesis feature posts such as Genesis featureidgets. I have created some StudioPress videotutorials that show you how to setup these functions. The Parallax Pro themes do not use sliders or postsidgets. Most of the text on the front page of Parallax Pro consists of text widgets. What you see on the front page of Parallax Pro is a text widget.

Topics such as Balance use widgets to show your e-mail login field or important text at the top of the page. Balancing uses the Genesis Grid Loop to show your latest blogs on your website's homepageutomatically. Plug-ins are small applications that bring additional functions and functions to your WordPress-based website.

Hundreds of thousand WordPress plugs have been developed. There are a small number of plug-ins provided by the StudioPress staff. StudioPress plug-ins only work if you use the Genesis Framework. Here is a brief outline of what the StudioPress plug-ins are and what they do. Genesis Slider and Genesis Responsive Slider plugs.

Two Genesis slide control plug-ins are available. You should use one of these if your design has a built-in slide control. Use the Genesis response Slider plug-in if your design is portable. Use the Genesislider if your subject is not moving. The size of the pictures used in the reactive slide control depends on which kind of equipment is used to display the website.

I' ve created a StudioPress tutorial that shows you how to setup the Genesis reactive slide bar. Genesis Viewer is very similar, but the pictures don't react and don't change size on portable phones. "There are several Genesis plug-ins that allow you to simply hyperlink to your own personal profile on your Wall Street, your own profile on your Wall Street and your Linkedin profile.

Genesis Framework was developed to make website creation a quicker, more robust business tool. However, since Genesis works in a different way than most other WordPress topics, the StudioPress staff has developed a plug-in named Easy Hooks. It was my belief that using the simple hook is a good way to get a fundamental grasp of how Genesis topic writing works.

I' ve created a StudioPressutorial that shows how easy it is to create a hook. It is a good plug-in for those who know HTML and CSS but are new to PHP. You have not yet made up your mind which StudioPress design you would like to use? Over forty StudioPress topics. There are some free topics that run on the Genesis Framework.

But even if you are using a free design, you must buy the Genesis Framework unless your developers make it available to you. The StudioPress are the only ones who are selling the Genesis frameworks, but many web designer are selling topics that run on the Genesis frameworks. A selection of topics. Purchase the Genesis Platform and use a free design.

The Genesis Framework and a StudioPress topic are available as a box. If you can buy the Genesis Framework and a separate design, but if you are a developer, why not get the whole one? Purchasing the Pro Plus suite gives you immediate acces, protection and update for all StudioPress topics.

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