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Genesis Connect for WooCommerce Plugin. Le framework Studiopress Genesis pour WordPress est toujours populaire. I' ve got the Pro Pack with access to all Genesis Child themes from StudioPress.

WooCommerce Compatibility on the Roadmap for New Topics with StudioPress - WordPress Tavern's recent Matt Mullenweg interviews with StudioPress president Brian Gardner confirms that the organization has put WooCommerce interoperability on the road map for its topics, beginning with new first. Gardner's "unofficial announcement" was no mystery, as he hinted at it in what he called soft copy and also took a quick look at Dribbble of StudioPress' coming WooCommerce spot.

StudioPress, one of the oldest stores on the WordPress Themenmarktplatz, has 58 topics in its collections, 18 of which were third party themed. It will take some getting around until the whole WooCommerce line is compliant. Mr Gardner said that the company's first priority will be to ensure interoperability for all new product lines. The StudioPress is planning to publish its first WooCommerce topic in the next few months.

Mullenweg, the patron of the Podcast, where Gardner acknowledged StudioPress' plan to include WooCommerce compliance in the Roadmap, seemed pleased to learn the latest developments. Mullenweg, as Automattic's chief executive, would probably be StudioPress' main rival for WooCommerce themed product, but he did share an interesting competitive edge within the WordPress eco-system.

Mullenweg said since the acquisition of WooCommerce, Automattic has expanded the Woo teams by over 40% and boosted development of the Woo kernel to five-fold. Ecommerce for WordPress must be a single point of contact, which means that the key piece of code that powers the WordPress ecommerce engines must be as available and truly rugged as possible.

Mullenweg, who in the past has found WordPress to be far more vulnerable to outside attacks than any open source threat within WordPress, is encouraging WordPress companies to work together. As Mullenweg noted, Wix is investing $160 million in publicity this year to get audiences to sign up. "Mullenweg said, "We can plant the cake much quicker than we can take a cut from the folks in the same cake.

The inclusion of WooCommerce topics that are competing with businesses such as StudioPress, while at the same time the chances for all businesses that want to hold their own in the competitive environment are rising, is an example of this concept in practice. Mr Gardner said Automattic's greater visibility for WooCommerce after the takeover was one of the key drivers in his choice to include WooCommerce interoperability in the StudioPress Roadmap.

M├╝llenweg has not yet released any formal plan for the option of a rate of increase, but its reaction to the intra-WooCommerce contest seems to create a benchmark for collaboration within the fellowship, with an enhanced emphasis on competitive intelligence against outside WordPress threat.

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