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What makes so many web designers and online companies switch to WordPress themes from StudioPress? Best topics in the industry? There' never been a better moment to be a WordPress fan - with so many high-quality topics and plug-ins to chose from, that the kinds of Web sites you can create with WordPress are practically limitless. In order to help you find the right look, we take a look at StudioPress - one of the best known and most respected companies in the industry!

Featuring more than 170,000 WordPress sites supported by their topics and around 80 WordPress template choices for many WordPress customers, StudioPress is the premier place to find new topics. So why StudioPress? FilmPress is the inventor of the Genesis Frameworks - probably the best known WordPress word processing application.

The best way to describe Genesis is to describe it as a codec between the WordPress application and the topic of your interest. A further way to look at the Genesis Framework is that it is a WordPress topic with a fundamental look and feel. You can then improve this look and feel by adding one of the many children topics designed for it.

Built on the robust foundations and codebases of the Genesis Framework, these topics address a broad spectrum of genesis style and applications. StudioPress staff like to describe WordPress as the motor of your vehicle, Genesis as frames and bodies, and StudioPress children's topics as paintwork.

You can only use parallel infothemes that have been specially developed for the Genesis framework. But everyone is free to build custom kid topics for the StudioPress Genesis, and many programmers make a profit from building custom kid topics for the StudioPress Genesis as well. That means that if you select one of the StudioPress topics, you will also select the Genesis framework.

Apart from making sure that you have the Genesis Framework in place before you deploy the selected subdirectory design, there are no extra stages when you run a Genesis Framework-based WordPress Web site. The choice of the Genesis framework and one of its submotifs does not mean that the appearance of your website is not limited in any way.

For a better notion of what is possible, visit the presentation of customized web sites based on the Genesis Framework. But before we choose the best, it's a good thing to consider why you should choose one of the StudioPress topics. Comprehending some of the advantages of using a topic running on the Genesis Framework can help you make an educated choice.

A few highlight and feature of a StudioPress topic are: accessing the Genesis Framework Codebasis, which is optimised for searching engines. Most of the functions of the StudioPress topic, such as quick load time and a high degree of safety, are undoubted advantages. Advantage of these attributes is that less coding is used to create the topics, which means a quicker website load and improved usability.

Recent widespread use of multi-purpose WordPress topics such as Divi (from Elegant Themes) shows, however, that there is great popular interest in all-in-one topics. For some WordPress user, WordPress just prefers topics that can be used to create almost any kind of website with all the necessary functions in one simple bundle.

This does not mean that the same results cannot be obtained with a StudioPress design. This in turn has the ability to erase some of the advantages of the StudioPress topic, such as a simpler management surface, cleaner coding, and faster load time. The choice of a StudioPress topic designed to create a particular kind of website, along with a few plug-ins that are indispensable for your particular website still has its advantages.

Most likely, your website will still surpass a real multi-purpose topic that contains all kinds of features as well as numerous demos and masters. A further advantage of the framework-and-ild-theme approach is that modifying the look of your website is relatively easy - at least in comparison to more traditionally WordPress topics. In order to give your website a new look, just change to a different kid topic - the website's fundament remains untouched while its look is altered.

If you change the children's topics, you don't have to be concerned that this will have a negative effect on your user friendliness rating or your overall ranking. The reason for this is that the Genesis Framework's kernel of the website stays unchanged, with only the superimposed layout changes. Using the Genesis framework, which takes charge of the basic principles of your website's look, feel, safety and performance, and the kid topics that deliver the clean look, no matter which StudioPress kid topic you select, your website will have a strong and resilient base.

Are you unsure whether a multi-purpose WordPress topic or a more focussed StudioPress topic would be the best choice for your projects? Check out our guidelines for selecting between the Divi topic and the Genesis Framework. After explaining why you should use the Genesis Framework and one of the StudioPress topics, let's try some of the best features.

Everyone is free to design children's topics for the Genesis Framework - and some third-party topics can even be purchased directly from the StudioPress website. But for this reviewed version we will only look at the topics that have been produced by the StudioPress crew. StudioPress is one of the newest topics in Digital Pro.

The Genesis children's topic is also a good option for blogs looking for a clear and simple look. Further Digital Pro features include: a small number of page layouts and layouts. The Digital Pro is a great example of a contemporary StudioPress WordPress subject. WordPress Pro is designed to help you create a website for a creativity company using WordPress.

If you are a freelance or solo preneur, you should be able to make good use of this topic thanks to the welcome note on the homepage and the many possibilities to emphasize the project you have worked on. Even though the standard home page of the topic looks great, you can freely combine and customize the items and controls to give it your own personal look.

Some of the colours can also be customized using the WordPress Customizer utility. Workstation Pro's other features are: fundamental reformatting and customisation capabilities. Explore how to create a great example of a neat and minimalistic WordPress topic with your WordPress application. Further features of Beatiful Pro are: an embedded online help system and the use of online contacts and online contacts.

Ceautiful Pro is an excellent option if you are looking for a roomy blogs topic that gives your blog posts room to breath. The Altitude Pro is a commercial topic that is perfectly suited for promoting a course, project or services. Further Altitude Pro features: several context and side bar configuration. The Altitude Pro is a cutting-edge marketer that will help you build a website that grows your company.

Café Pro's other highlight are: customisation possibilities for the theme's key functions. Cafe Pro makes it simple to create a website to boost your off-line operations and get more clients through your door. The AgentPress was developed to help you create Web sites for realtors. It makes it easier for you to create your website and your goods lists, and the built-in searching feature will help your users find the right property.

The WordPress Immobilienthema uses the free AgentPress Listing plug-in, which organizes your listing and makes it simple for your users to find and crawl. AgentPress Pro's other features include: multi-page layouts and templates option. AgentPress Immobilienthema fulfils a function and provides it very well.

If you buy a design in StudioPress, you get full details of the install and set up procedures for the design you choose. This guide will guide you through the creation of your website so that it corresponds to the demoversion for the topic you are working with. Your StudioPress website' Dashboard allows you to view the designs you have purchased and find their install directions.

Every Topic Buy contains the Genesis Frame permission, and it must be submitted to WordPress along with your selected StudioPress Kids Thread. In order to begin setting up your new WordPress Web site, please start by downloading the design and frameworks archives to your computer. You can then upload the file to your WordPress website using the topic area of the Administrator Dashboard.

The Genesis Framework and StudioPress Childrens Theater file are usually very small, especially in comparison to some of the other favorite multi-purpose WordPress topics out there. Obviously you won't get the same amount of functionality, preferences, and built-in plug-ins, but if you're looking for a light, fast-loading design, StudioPress is tough to outperform.

After you upload the Genesis Framework and the StudioPress Kind Topics to your website, enable the Kind Topic to be applied to your website. Then you can either customize the design or copy and paste the design demonstration copy (following the steps will give you a good idea of how the design works).

Unlike some other topics, however, the preferences and configurations of the trial versions do not govern your website, only the example contents. According to the topic you have selected, you will have slightly different functions and options. For most StudioPress topics, however, you can adjust or change the following areas:

The StudioPress topics usually have some styles to select from when it comes to attaching your site to your website, among them a target page style. Others adjustment choices, based on the topic you select, may involve the possibility of attaching widgets to your home page layouts; based on which you select, you can attach a number of different kinds of contents to your home page via the widgets.

The StudioPress Topic User can get help in the StudioPress Web site's open user forum, where they can ask and get answers from employees and members of the StudioPress Web site. The "Guides" section of the StudioPress Web site includes a beginner's manual for Genesis, a set of on-lineutorials, a member-only FAQ, excerpts of codes, a resource library from across the Web, and a listing of Genesis Resource Engineers who can help you with any individual tasks you need to take on.

Each topic you buy contains step-by-step directions and guides to set up your website. Since the Genesis is a necessary tool for using StudioPress topics, it is good to see that it is part of the package. It is also available separately for $59.95 if you want to use it as the basis for your own individual website creation.

There are two price levels when it comes to purchasing topics from StudioPress: Since you can use the designs you buy on an infinite number of Web pages, the Pro Plus All-Theme Bundle is a good choice for Web designer and WordPress implementer who design Web pages for customers. The StudioPress topics are slightly more costly at $99 for a standalone article than some other WordPress topics, but they still provide good value for your price considering how quickly and simply they can be used to make a professionally looking website.

Regular clients also get a rebate when purchasing extra topics from StudioPress. It' s noteworthy that unlike some of the relatively inexpensive WordPress topics with functions, StudioPress topics may require you to buy extra plug-ins to get the functions you need. On the StudioPress Web site, there are also third-party topics that have been developed for use with the Genesis Framework.

These were not made by the StudioPress staff and are calculated on an individual basis. StudioPress WordPress topics are perfect for anyone who wants an extreme well-structured, good-looking design that they can simply deploy and commission on their website with as little effort as possible. Sturdy, handy and low-maintenance, these are certainly some of the best topics in the industry, but unless you are a programmer or willing to afford customized design work, for the most part what you see is what you get!

Do you have experiences with StudioPress and/or its topics?

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