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Create business with the WordPress topic for e-mailing. E-mail can be regarded as old school, by some....

but the odds are good that these individuals will not run a successfull on-line store. For this reason, we believe in e-mail based solutions. That' s why we have developed a kid topic for the Genesis Foundation that is designed to help you collect more e-mail accounts so you can create the lists your company will be building.

Introduction to the topic Generate Pro. Generate Pro gives your website all the punch and versatility of Genesis 2.0 - that's enormous. It also has an sleek look that simultaneously leads your website visitors to one action: join the e-mailinglist. The Generate Pro is also included in the scope of delivery:

Have a look at the Generate Pro demonstration.

Outlook Pro is a WordPress Word for Genesis topic developed for church.

Only a few kinds of organisations use the web like a church. Be it something simpler, such as the dissemination of pastoral ministry information to church members, or something more sophisticated, such as the availability of preaching on-line, or something more inter-active, such as raising public profile and supporting a dignified cause... Kirchen can and will use their web sites wisely through the use of many of the countless means of communications available.

The Outreach Pro is a children's Genesis 2.0 based topic that presents and organises everything as clearly and neatly as possible. This gives the church the opportunity to make contact on-line and be readily accessible again. Outreach Pro's main new function is mobility and reactivity. Given that the proportion of web activities coming from portable gadgets appears to be growing daily, it is essential that websites are able to react and deliver a good user Experience no matter what gadget they use.

HTML5-based Outreach Pro does just that. Outreach Pro's other functions are: View the full demonstration of the new and enhanced Outreach Pro here.

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