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The Page Builder no longer works after updating to the latest topic and WordPress version. Introduction of Swift'New Default Theme' &'Page Builder 2.0' in Beta-Version 0.9.80

Among the feedback we got was the possibility to build Landing Pages and give a better representation of the AMP pages, so we tried to solve that in 0.9. Today I am pleased to announce the release of the alpha 9 release. We developed the AMP themme framework last year, which makes it very simple for you to design on AMP.

This was a very successfull publication and hundreds of customized pages have seen the light of day. As we have chosen to use this frame for our key topics and our own development games at the same times, we have chosen to make a new development called the'Swift' issue of SMP.

The Swift is a top of the range Mobil-First topic for AMP that looks great on the desk but is actually created for mobiles to provide them with a pleasant viewing and navigating experience. What makes the Swift Mobile-First topic so great? Together with this we chose to add several new features like better crop, limitless Google font libraries, headers and much more.

Use this page to view the prices for the products. As you may recall, we published an AMP Page Builder a few month ago as a betas that received great feed back. Originally it was built in jQuery, but we weren't satisfied with the result, so we chose to get into a better tech and agree with our plans for the near term, we thought between Vue & React, but after a lot of discussions we chose Vue. js, but since it's a very new frame, we had some restrictions that took us some working hours to find out, but we were able to successfully convert the whole Page Builder to Vue.js.

I am very pleased as a registered member to use this Page Builder, and I am sure you will be too. Our decision was to make the look as natural as possible. Updated with 14 new moduls that are tailor-made from a designer's point of view. Understanding the importance of the headers for a website, we have added 3 headers to the Swift themed.

You now have a choice of hundred symbols and fonts to select from without having to worry about power. The two key elements of web site development are icon and typography, but we didn't want to make any compromises on usability, so we chose to develop the bespoke solutions that would allow us to use the high end open source 744 icon and 848 Google Fonts without having to worry about poor system performances.

It is our belief that we are at an early stages to solve the issue of your designs. Our plan is to continually enhance the look through our updates. Eighty Beta today! Please note: Try this release on your developer set-up or on your own workstation. Give us your feed -back in the following remarks, we will continually correct the errors you reported and fix them as soon as possible.

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